PERRYVILLE — While there are few seats available among the town’s volunteer boards, Mayor Matt Roath said people tell him they want to get involved.

“I’m getting a lot of interest in people eager to serve,” Roath told the Board of Town Commissioners at the Tuesday night town meeting.

Cathy McCardell, assistant town administrator, said there are seats available on the Landlord/Tenant Board. The town’s planning, board of zoning appeals, elections and ethics commissions are at full complement right now.

Roath hopes to keep that interest alive so candidates are ready when openings develop.

“I am encouraging them to go to the town website ( and get the forms,” Roath said.

New wheels

Meanwhile, the board heard an update from Brad Willis, chief of the Community Fire Company of Perryville on efforts to replace vehicles for the volunteer first responders.

“We are getting a new ambulance soon,” Willis reported of the vehicle that came with a $325,000 price tag. Once all the equipment is installed with assistance from the Cecil County Department of Emergency Services Willis said there would be a housing ceremony to place the ambulance into service.

“(Cecil) county gave us $125,000. We are taking $200,000 from our general fund for the rest,” Willis said, indicating the vehicle will be paid off by the time it arrives at the fire station.

However he said CFCPV also needs to replace its 30-year-old brush truck.

“It has a lot of rust and transmission issues,” he said of the heavily used vehicle that goes where a fire truck cannot.

“We got a $30,000 grant but the truck is $80,000,” he said.


After much back and forth with the property owners, what was once The Perryville Outlets is being demolished. The mayor announced at the meeting that work to remove what was left of the retail center was under way.

While the outlets closed in October 2016, and the property at 68 Heather Lane was purchased by SamBenHeather LLC the following year, the structure has fallen victim to trespassers and vandals and town officials called on Cecil County to have it condemned. In the meanwhile those new owners planned to put warehouses there until neighbors fought back and the town denied the owners permission for such a project. Two hearings before Cecil County Circuit Court judges sided with the town.

Developers for SamBenHeather insist their only goal for the 41-acre site is to build warehousing.

On Wednesday heavy equipment was still on the scene breaking down walls and moving debris into piles.

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