NORTH EAST — The North East VFW Post 6027 gave bands the opportunity to use their music to support a good cause on Sunday, with a benefit concert to raise money for Army National Guardsman Jacob Yoder, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident.

“We’re here to take care of each other,” VFW Senior Vice Commander Ray Conger said.

Jacob Yoders’ grandparents, Debbie Yoder Blankenship and Richard Blankenship reached out to VFW Commander Gene Daley to host the fundraiser. Debbie said a logging truck pulled out in front of Jacob, causing the crash. Jacob, who turned 20-years-old in February, planned on attending Ranger School.

Debbie said Jacob participated in mission trips, building churches and providing medical supplies in Honduras. He would travel to the Poconos in the summer and take care of children with disabilities, to help their caregivers.

Jacob worked with VET Tv and is a popular Tik Tok creator. On Tik Tok he would pray for his Drill Sergeant, who had entered a coma caused by a brain hemorrhage. The day the sergeant came out of her coma in October, he suffered from his car accident.

“He’s still just the bright blue eyed young man that he was,” Debbie, a Cecil County resident, said. “He just can’t speak or walk. But he’s going to get there.”

The concert Sunday marked the first fundraiser his grandparents hosted for Jacob though there have been previous virtual GoFundMe’s. Five different artists, Bad Alibi, Backroads, Scott Bandy, Amanda Nolan and Lone Wolf lent their time to raise money for Yoder. The concert, along with charging a $15 entry also featured a silent auction and a raffle to raise additional funds. In August, the family plans to host a car wash fundraiser for Jacob.

“It costs probably around $2,500 a week just to give him his tube feedings,” Debbie said.

People interested in donating money to help the Yoder family pay for Jacobs’ treatment can send checks payable to Shawn Yoder for Jacob Yoder.

“This isn’t a short term problem, this is going to be a long term problem,” said Daley. “Though this fundraiser will help the family, it’s not going to be the end of everything. We are going to continue to support him.”

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