ELKTON — She’s been gone four months, but Mary Jo Jablonski continues to live on in her adopted hometown through a campaign named in her honor.

Serving as the executive director of the Elkton Chamber and Alliance and also as a member of the Elkton Board of Town Commissioners, Jablonski was well-known for her ability to wrangle people into volunteering for one of her many events and activities in town.

Margie Blystone, arts and entertainment chairwoman for the Alliance, is encouraging people to “Be A Mary Jo” and volunteer in some capacity.

“Mary Jo loved volunteers and loved this community,” Blystone said.

So the unofficial campaign was born complete with a signup sheet and buttons bearing the logo.

“Mary Jo snagged me in 2007,” Blystone recalled.

Working at Art Space on Main at the time, Jablonski gave her one job, which turned into a total commitment to the revitalization and vibrancy of Elkton. Blystone feels like she needs to carry on her friend’s mantle.

“Let’s use this as an opportunity to get the word out,” she said.

The signup seeks volunteers for specific events such as the annual Fall Fest, First Fridays and the summer car shows. Blystone said that now more than ever that volunteer base is needed.

“Since the mayor cut back on overtime, we don’t have the public works crews to help,” she said.

Blystone encouraged those who loved and miss Jablonski to volunteer.

“What better way to show their appreciation for her than to become a Mary Jo,” she said.

The buttons and signup sheets are available at the chamber office at 101 E. Main St. in Elkton. For more info call 410-398-5076.

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