STERLING, VA. — With a daytime high expected to be above freezing, forecasters say whatever falls over Cecil County Monday will likely be gone before the day is over.

Kurtis Eller with Northern Maryland Weather Buffs said the morning commute should be good, but as much as 3 inches of snow will fall starting in the late morning hours.

"But it will end as rain and will wash some or all of it away," Eller said Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, Brian LaSorsa at the National Weather Service is saying the snow will arrive between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and will be a rain/snow mix.

"It may be an inch or more (of snow) toward the Pennsylvania line," he said, adding the roads could be slippery between 10 a.m. and noon. To the southern end of the county the forecast leans more toward rain, with the changeover happening by noon.

However the high Monday is 36 degrees and should stay above freezing for the evening commute.

Both Eller and LaSorsa point folks to the forecast for Tuesday through Thursday when the reports indicate sunshine and temperatures in the mid 40s to low 50s.

"It might get close to 60s in some area," Eller said. "I might have to get my shorts out."

However, Saturday may bring another rash of snow.

"It's too far out to really say we're going to get something," Eller said, while LaSorsa sees the possibility of a rain/snow mix.

With spring less than a month away, are we done with winter weather?

"I never say it's done until May," LaSorsa said.

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