ELKTON — An investigation is continuing after a man suffered two gunshot wounds reportedly on the street of an Elkton neighborhood – although he provided officers with scant information about the incident and did so reluctantly, according to police.

Elkton Police Department officers went to Union Hospital in Elkton at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, after emergency room doctors there reported that they were treating a patient who had suffered gunshot wounds, police reported.

“The victim had two gunshot wounds to his right shoulder,” said Capt. Joseph Zurolo, an EPD spokesman, who described the wounds as “non-life-threatening.”

The victim was uncooperative with investigators for about the first 30 minutes of questioning, before telling them that he had been shot while walking on a street in the Hollingsworth Manor neighborhood at approximately 9:30 p.m., roughly an hour before EPD officers were dispatched to the hospital, police reported.

“He didn’t know the name of the street where he was shot. He didn’t see who shot him, and he didn’t know why he was shot,” Zurolo listed.

Based on the sparse information that the shooting victim provided, EPD investigators canvassed Hollingsworth Manor, police reported.

“They were trying to find a crime scene, but they were unable to locate one,” Zurolo said, explaining that officers were looking for evidence of a shooting, such as shell casings, and people who may have seen or heard something.

Zurolo also reported that, atypical of a shooting incident, police agencies in that area had received no “shots fired” complaints from residents in that neighborhood during the time-frame indicated by the victim.

It is possible that the shooting occurred elsewhere and that the victim was either confused or evasive, according to Zurolo, who remarked, “Working with the information that the victim gave us, we are still actively investigating this shooting.”

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