Perryville PNC Bank robbery

A man in “black face” robbed the PNC Bank in Perryville on Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

PERRYVILLE — A man remains at large after robbing a Perryville bank — while in “black face” — on Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

The robbery occurred at the PNC Bank at 5405 West Pulaski Highway shortly before 1 p.m., when the suspect approached a teller and handed that employee a note in which he demanded money, reported Sgt. Robert Nitz, a Perryville Police Department spokesman.

Nitz told the Cecil Whig that it didn’t appear the robber had a weapon. He declined to specify the content of the note, citing the ongoing investigation.

After the teller gave the suspect an undisclosed sum of money, he ran out of the bank and across nearby Route 222 (Perryville Road), where he got into a waiting car, which appeared to be a dark gray sport utility vehicle or crossover vehicle, Nitz said.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, investigators hadn’t determined if the vehicle was operated by a getaway driver serving as the robber’s accomplice or if the robber drove away, after stashing the vehicle there ahead of time, he added.

“The suspect is a white male who appeared to have black makeup on his face,” Nitz reported.

In addition, according to to Nitz, the suspect was wearing a burgundy skull cap, a light-colored jacket with a blue lining, dark pants and gray or silver gloves. The suspect also was described as being in his late 20s or early 30s and between 5’ and 5’5, he said.

Surveillance cameras videotaped the robbery, and investigators are studying that footage in an effort to identify the robber.

Anyone with information that might help investigators identify and, or, locate the man who committed this bank robbery is asked to call the Perryville Police Department at 410-642-3725.

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