ELKTON — Investigators have nabbed a man accused of intentionally ramming a car — totaling the vehicle and injuring the driver — amid a protracted road rage incident that occurred in June on a highway near Elkton, according to the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office.

CCSO detectives arrested the suspect, Evan Michael Yates, 23, of the unit block of Lance Court near Elkton, on Tuesday, ending a month-long investigation in which a partial reading of the license plate on the alleged aggressive vehicle helped develop Yates as the suspect, reported Lt. Michael Holmes, an agency spokesman.

Yates is charged with first-degree assault and second-degree assault, according to Cecil County District Court records, which indicate that he is scheduled for an Aug. 23 preliminary hearing.

After spending one night in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond, Yates is free on a $5,000 bond that he posted Wednesday, court records show.

The incident started at approximately 11:30 p.m. June 29, when a Chevrolet Tahoe driven by Yates started following a Volkswagen Golf operated by the alleged victim in the southbound lane of Oldfield Point Road near Racine School Road, southwest of Elkton, police reported.

Investigators identified the alleged victim only as a 23-year-old woman who lives near Elkton.

“The Tahoe was following too closely. Then it got into the northbound lane and passed her. While driving ahead of her in the southbound lane, the suspect started slamming on the brakes, to the point that she (the alleged victim) had to get into the northbound lane to avoid a collision,” Holmes outlined.

After passing the suspect vehicle, the woman made a left turn onto Breon Lane as she neared the end of Oldfield Point Road and the Tahoe followed her, Holmes said. At that point, he added, the Tahoe, once again, passed the Volkswagen.

“He came to a complete stop in front of her. He got of his vehicle and started walking toward the victim’s vehicle. He comes toward her in an aggressive manner,” Holmes said.

Holmes told the Cecil Whig that the alleged victim did not know the man, whom investigators later identified as Yates. Concerned about the aggressive stranger approaching her, the woman shifted her Volkswagen into reverse, before turning around and fleeing northbound on Oldfield Point Road, police reported.

The suspect got back into his vehicle and allegedly gave chase, according to police.

Once again, the driver of the Tahoe followed the Volkswagen too closely, police said. When the two northbound vehicles reached the 100 block of Oldfield Point Road, the driver of the Tahoe deliberating struck the driver’s side of the Volkswagen, police added.

The intentional collision caused $12,800 in damage to the Volkswagen and left the woman with minor injuries, Holmes reported.

After the crash, the Tahoe left the scene and woman was able to make it to a friend’s nearby residence, where she called police, according to to Holmes.

The woman was able to remember some of the numbers and letters on the Tahoe’s license plate, and she provided that information to CCSO Det. Tyler Price, lead investigator, police said. Assisted by Michael Smart, a member of Maryland State Police, Price was able to link Yates to the Chevrolet Tahoe in question, a 2004 model that showed signs of damage indicative of the crash that had occurred on Oldfield Point Road a month earlier, police reported.

As of Thursday, CCSO investigators still hadn’t determined what caused the road rage incident.

“We do not have a motive for his behavior,” Holmes said.

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