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ELKTON - A man remained jailed on Thursday after a Cecil County grand jury handed up a seven-count indictment against him relating to allegations that he assaulted a Maryland State Police trooper in downtown Port Deposit on Halloween Day and that he possessed suspect heroin.

Charging documents identify the suspect as North East-area resident Sean Michael O'Hara, 29.

O'Hara is charged with first-degree assault, which is a felony that is punishable by up to 25 years in prison, if convicted, and six misdemeanors, including possession of heroin and resisting arrest, according to the indictment that the grand jury handed up against him on Wednesday.

He remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond on Thursday, court records show.

Charging documents indicate that MSP Tfc. Siemek responded to the 200 block of North Main Street in Port Deposit at approximately 1 p.m. on Oct. 31, after receiving a complaint about a man "acting irrationally and taking his clothes off, running in and out of traffic."

After arriving at the scene, the trooper saw an "extremely agitated" man with "pinpoint eyes," later identified as O'Hara, who was dressed in gym shorts and a sweatshirt, police reported.

Siemek noticed that O'Hara was "flailing his arms and yelling" and that he was "sweating profusely and panting" while pacing back and forth along the sidewalk, police said. The trooper also noticed O'Hara's pants lying next to a white Toyota Avalon, which was disabled after crashing into a concrete block off the road, police added.

"O'Hara stated that the car belonged to him and that he had 'parked it there'," court records allege.

While talking with the trooper, O'Hara allegedly got into the driver's seat of the Toyota and tried to place the gear shift into the drive position - ignoring several commands by Siemek to stop, police reported.

Siemek got into the Toyota and tried to stop O'Hara's purported attempts to start the vehicle, prompting the trooper to request "immediate backup," police said. O'Hara allegedly struck Siemek twice with his elbows while resisting arrest, police added.

"I was able to activate my emergency distress button on my issued portable radio, before O'Hara removed it from my body, actively fighting me, trying to gain control of the vehicle. Fearing for my safety and the safety of pedestrians who had gathered to watch, I believed O'Hara was intentionally attempting to flee the scene in the vehicle with me inside of it," Siemek outlines in charging documents.

The trooper punched O'Hara once in the right shoulder and three times in the ribs, before gaining control of the suspect's right arm and attempting to handcuff him, police said. O'Hara allegedly continued to swing his free arm backward at the trooper, who, in response, removed him from the vehicle and took him to the ground, police added.

"During the removal of (O'Hara from the) vehicle, O'Hara's face impacted the roadway, causing one of his teeth to become dislodged and broken. O'Hara continued to fight and resist me," Siemek alleges in court records.

Assisted by a paramedic and additional law enforcement officers that had arrived on scene, Siemek took O'Hara into custody, police said. While paramedics evaluated O'Hara, he revealed that he had injected an "undisclosed amount of heroin prior to driving," police added.

An ambulance crew transported O'Hara from the scene to Union Hospital in Elkton, where he received treatment for his injuries, police reported.

During a probable-cause search of O'Hara's vehicle, investigators found and confiscated 15 plastic baggies holding suspect heroin and bearing the street brand name, "REDBULL," court records allege.

Searchers also found and seized one hypodermic needle, one gram of suspect marijuana, two glass smoking devices containing burnt suspect marijuana, a black digital scale marked by suspect drug residue and a suspect marijuana grinder, according to charging documents.

The total weight of the suspect heroin was 4.9 grams, slightly less than a quarter-ounce, court records allege. There are seven grams in a quarter-ounce.

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