ELKTON – A man accused of committing an armed robbery in which he pointed a firearm maintains that he is “75 percent sure he did not have a gun with him” during the incident near Elkton and that - even if he did - he actually was intervening on the behalf of the alleged victim, according to Cecil County District Court records.

Investigators identified the suspect as Timothy Andrew Hand, 44, of the 400 block of North Street in Elkton.

In addition to armed robbery, Hand is charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault and robbery, court records show.

Hand remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond on Tuesday, a day after his bail review hearing, according to court records, which indicate that Hand is scheduled for a July 22 preliminary hearing.

Cecil County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the unit block of Keithley Lane shortly before 7 a.m. on Friday, after receiving an armed robbery complaint, police reported.

The alleged victim told investigators that he was at a Keithley Road property to meet a friend known to him as “Mandy,” when a man known to him as “Aaron,” to whom he also referenced as “Slim,” reached inside his vehicle and grabbed his wallet, keys and phone, police said.

When the alleged victim got out of his vehicle and confronted Aaron, Aaron allegedly “pulled a knife and threatened bodily harm to him,” police added.

At that point, according to court records, Aaron gave the wallet to Mandy – the person whom he had come to meet – and then Mandy ran into a nearby camper/motorhome.

This is when Hand purportedly entered the picture.

“At this point, the victim observed a subject known to him as Timmy Hand, standing next to the camper/motorhome. The victim observed Timmy point a large-framed, black handgun at him. Once the victim observed the handgun, he advised the suspects that he wanted his wallet and keys back and (that) he will leave,” court records allege.

Mandy walked out of the camper at that point and announced that there was no money inside the alleged victim’s wallet, police said. Mandy then placed the alleged victim’s belongings on the ground, where the alleged victim retrieved them, police added.

As the alleged victim tried to drive away, the man known to him as Aaron reportedly grabbed onto the car and “started jamming a stick into (the alleged victim’s) head through the sunroof, causing two medium-sized gashes on his head,” according to charging documents.

After fleeing the area, the alleged victim contacted law enforcement and reported the incident, police reported.

Shortly after 7 a.m. that day, deputies located Hand behind a residence in the unit block of Keithley Road, approximately 400 feet away from where the alleged armed robbery had occurred, court records show.

“Deputies on scene advised that (Hand) initially attempted to run; however, he immediately gave up and surrendered to law enforcement,” according to court records.

A CCSO detective later showed the alleged victim a six-picture photo array, police said. One of the photos was of Hand while the other five were pictures of men who bear a resemblance to Hand, police added.

“The victim picked (Hand’s) photograph out of the six provided photographs and advised that (Hand was the person) who pointed the handgun at him,” court records allege.

Investigators later filed four criminal charges against Hand, three of which are felonies, including armed robbery, court records show.

Despite allegations about the man identified only as “Aaron” snatching the alleged victim’s property from his vehicle, pulling a knife on him and attacking him with a stick, court records do not reflect any charges filed against any suspect named “Aaron” during the time-frame of Hand’s arrest.

Nor do court records reflect any similar type charges filed against anyone during the same time frame as Hand’s arrest.

Lt. Michael Holmes, a CCSO spokesman, told the Cecil Whig on Tuesday that the case remains under investigation.

During his police interview, Hand maintained that he simply interjected himself into the situation as a peacemaker, court records show.

“(Hand) advised that he exited the camper/motorhome after hearing a commotion outside. (Hand) stated he observed Aaron and the victim fighting. (Hand) advised that he told Aaron to give the victim his stuff back,” according to court records.

Charging documents indicate that Hand’s memory was cloudy concerning him brandishing a firearm.

“(Hand) was asked if he exited the camper/motorhome with a handgun, to which he stated he is 75% sure that he did not have a gun with him when he exited the camper/motorhome,” according to court records.

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