Large scale pavingproject begins early August in Rising Sun

A June 2020 water line break in Valley View Village in Rising Sun, not long after the subdivision off of East Main Street was paved, has been a bone of contention for residents. That’s why it’s the first to get paved when a $661,800 paving project begins in early August.

RISING SUN — Starting with Louise Court in Valley View Village, Harmony Construction will begin paving five different roads in town at a cost of $661,800.

Residents of Valley View, a community of townhouses built more than 40 years ago, have been suffering through a series of water line breaks and paving mishaps that have left the parking lot a patch work quilt of gravel, dirt and asphalt, some in less than ideal condition.

Turtleback Court and Mason Runn Road, both in the Summer Hill development, would be repaved next according to Calvin Bonenberger, town administrator.

However two streets may get delayed a little if the town gets a federal grant for a water line replacement, which would run under those streets.

“We don’t want to pave Pearl and Mount Streets and then have to dig them up,” Bonenberger said.

Bonenberger said Rising Sun is in the running for a Maryland Rural Development Council grant to replace an inadequate water line that runs under Pearl and Mount Streets. He expects notification soon. If Rising Sun gets the funds it would need to have $200,000 on hand to show MRDC as matching funds. He said those matching funds would come from the paving fund.

It’s not money to be spent, but rather a show and tell, Bonenberger explained.

“If they give us the green light we could start the water line in mid-September,” he said.

Once the line is run and connected to the Chester Water interconnect then Pearl and Mount Streets would be paved.

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