ELKTON — A man caught with approximately 80 baggies of fentanyl and more than two ounces of marijuana during simultaneous police raids at two residences in the same Elkton neighborhood in April 2020 is facing 12 to 20 years in sentences, after a Cecil County Circuit Court jury convicted him of three criminal charges.

Jurors deliberated slightly less than two hours on Friday at the conclusion of a two-and-a-half-day trial, before finding the defendant, Olando D. Hayes Sr., 49, of Elkton, guilty of possession of fentanyl with intent to distribute, possession of fentanyl and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Cecil County Circuit Court Judge William W. Davis Jr. revoked Hayes’ bond, moments after the jury had returned its guilty verdicts, and then set his sentencing for July 1. Hayes will await sentencing in the Cecil County Detention Center.

Assistant State’s Attorney Scott Lewis prosecuted Hayes, who was represented at trial by Elkton-based defense lawyer Michael J. Halter.

Court records indicate that investigators also confiscated other evidence during the raids, including four digital scales, more than $1,000, cell phones and five pills of MDMA, which, commonly called “ecstasy” or “molly,” is a psychedelic drug.

Elkton Police Department investigators conducted their court-approved searches of a residence in the unit block of Hollingsworth Manor and one in the 200 block of that neighborhood at approximately 10:20 a.m. on April 21, 2020, court records show.

The raids were conducted as part of a drug conspiracy investigation in which EPD investigators had developed Hayes and Kason Kevin Gregory Lee, then 30, as suspects, police said. During the tandem raids, police added, investigators arrested Hayes inside a residence at 247 Hollingsworth Manor and Lee inside a house at 44 Hollingsworth Manor, two blocks away from there.

(Court records indicate that Hayes and Lee both were living at 247 Hollingsworth Manor, although, at the time of the raids, only Hayes was found there while Lee was located inside the residence at 44 Hollingsworth Manor.)

A jury trial for Lee, who is facing numerous drug-related charges, is scheduled to start on Dec. 6 and is expected to last three days, according to court records.

While searching the master bedroom at 247 Hollingsworth Manor, investigators found and seized 79 baggies of fentanyl that had been parceled into several individual bundles, police said, noting that 56 of those baggies were found under a bed mattress on which Hayes was sleeping when raiding officers arrived at that house.

Investigators also confiscated other evidence, including 60 grams of marijuana, which is slightly more than two ounces, in that master bedroom, court records show. There are 28 grams in an ounce.

In addition, investigators found and seized a “digital scale with stamp pad and stamper” inside a living room closet, $700 in the front bedroom and one packet of fentanyl from inside Hayes’ 2007 Hyundai Tiburon, police reported.

Meanwhile, during the court-approved search at 44 Hollingsworth Manor, where officers arrested Lee, investigators confiscated 11 baggies of suspect heroin mixed with fentanyl, $381 and two cell phones, according to court records.

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