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RISING SUN — There are a half dozen vacancies among two town boards that need to be filled as Rising Sun is starting its revitalization.

Calvin Bonenberger, town administrator, informed the mayor and commissioners last week that there are three open seats on Planning Commission with the recent addition of Joseph Shephard. Similarly there are three vacant seats on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Now that the town has updated its water and sewer, lifting a building moratorium that had been in place for more than a dozen years, activity is picking up with more to come if the telephone traffic in town hall is any indication. Bonenberger reminded the board he regularly receives phone calls from developers and individuals interested in having a stake in town. Already there is some new home construction and redevelopment in the works.

Planning Commission, an all-volunteer board, reviews all the plans for such projects, sending its recommendations to the elected body for approval. That board meets once a month on a Monday night.

Zoning Appeals, also a volunteer board, meets on an as-needed basis. When a plan brought before the Planning Commission is denied it can be brought to Zoning Appeals for reconsideration.

“These are incredibly critical for out town, moving forward,” Bonenberger said. “They regulate for variances, major construction. We need these boards properly seated.”

Any Rising Sun resident interested in serving on either board should be at least 25 years old and have lived in town at least a year. There will also be financial disclosure forms to complete. Contact town hall at 410-658-5353 for more information.

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