PERRYVILLE — It was a beautiful morning to drop a hook in the Susquehanna River and go “Fishing With the Fuzz.”

And that’s just what more than a dozen kids did Saturday morning in the first fishing event hosted by Perryville’s Police Department and the Perryville Outreach Program.

Perryville Police Officer Jerry Morgan helped Kyle Forman, 11, from Elkton, bring in his first fish.

“It was a lot stronger than I thought,” Forman said of the 8-inch bluegill.

Joined by law enforcement from several different agencies, including the Perryville and Rising Sun police, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and the Cecil County State’s Attorney Office, and assisted by C.C. Lip Rippers, a non-profit group formed to promote fishing and outdoor activities in Cecil County, the kids learned how to bait a hook with a worm, how to cast and the best way to respond when the fish takes the hook.

Kaleyah Croxsell, 11, from Perryville, caught a fish too but wanted nothing to do with getting it off her hook. After removing the fish for her, Morgan tricked her by offering her a high-five. Then he pointed out she now had fish on her hands.

Did she have fun, anyway?

“Kind of,” Croxsell offered, adding she would probably fish again.

Of course a lot of time was spent wrestling the hook out of the subaquatic vegetation and the rocks along the shoreline in Ice House Park.

But it did not spoil the fun.

“I am absolutely impressed with the turnout for this first-time event,” said Danielle Hemling, director of the OP. “And we have so many agencies here, which is so cool.”

Zellman Funeral Home in Havre de Grace provided 10 fishing rods for the event. C.C. Lip Rippers also brought out equipment as well as bait.

Even Robert Ashby, mayor of Perryville, was helping the young anglers. He said Sgt. Bob Nitz from the Perryville Police Department floated the idea to him.

“He said, ‘What do you think of it?’ and I said, ‘I’m in,’” Ashby said. Scanning the shoreline of kids and cops, Ashby said this was all credited to Nitz.

“It was all his idea and it’s something he should be proud of.”

Look for more Fishing With the Fuzz pictures in our Cecil People section of the Weekend Whig.

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