FAIR HILL — Fair Hill musician and filmmaker Chris Malinowski has achieved international recognition, for the music video for his band The Collingwood’s song “Jouissance.” The video, shot in Newark DE., won the Best Music Video Award at the Fall season of the Montreal Independent Film Festival.

“The song was originally written about disgruntled women in unfulfilling relationships who seek out Wicca or the occult to satisfy themselves and to find connections in isolation and happiness.” Malinowski said.

The music video, inspired in part by films such as the 1973 horror classic “The Wicker Man,” along with Malinowski’s own interest in Paganism, begins with kids playing around a maypole.

“Any Pagan ceremony and ritual is very beautiful, I love being in nature and watching people celebrate nature in these ways. It’s very pure, very inspiring,” Malinowski said.

At one point, Malinowski, who went to Catholic school as a child, receives a flower eucharist, combining the paganism he is interested in now with the faith he grew up with. Guest singer Jules Corridori, a guitar student of Malinowski’s stands up to replicate Salvador Dali’s “The Last Supper,” with the witches and Malinowski eating watermelon.

Malinowski heard Corridori sing during a guitar lesson and was blown away by her performance, leading him to have her provide guest vocals on “Jouissance” and “Confetti,” another song with an occult themed video. Both music videos were selected by French airline Air Austral to be part of their in-flight entertainment program.

“I feel sometimes the work we do is overlooked because it’s eccentric and eclectic, this is why I reached out to European festivals because this kind of art resonates with that audience a little more,” Malinowski said.

The video was shot at the home of his friends Ziggy Mielnikiewicz and Barbara Hearne, outside of White Clay Creek State Park. The bonfire in the film was inspired by the couple’s annual Groundhog Day celebration.

Ian Mosley-Duffy of Philadelphia, served as the cinematographer, with Colby Bartine, who worked on the latest series of “Dexter,” serving as assistant editor.

The “Confetti” video was shot partially in the McCloskey Ruins in Fair Hill.

“I love the contrast of Jules and I in black against the whiteness of the snow and the whiteness of the stone,” Malinowski said. “It’s a film set waiting to happen.”

Malinowski directed the two music videos after canceling the production of his film “The Last Time I Saw You Blessed,” walking away from a $325,000 budget, since the financier wanted final cut privileges, something Malinowski did not want to give up. Currently, Malinowski is writing a film called “Gaches,” about two estranged sisters, Kaytie and Gabby, whose revived relationship is challenged by Gabby’s involvement in a suburban cult, centered on the anticipated arrival of Gabby’s son, who may or may not exist.

Malinowski began his creative life in music, growing up in his father’s music store, Mal’s Music, on Kirkwood Highway. In 2003, he began working as a guitar instructor. Malinowski often spends his evenings with his guitar at a fire pit in his Glen Farms backyard.

Alan Burkhard, the owner of Klondike Kate’s on Main Street, is a key supporter of Malinowski, helping to finance his first film “Yes, Your Tide is Cold and Dark, Sir.”

The Collingwood is playing at The Fire in Philadelphia on Dec. 10., along with a new album “You Lust or you Rust,” set for release in early Spring. To watch the music videos for “Confetti” or “Jouissance,” or to follow The Collingwood on social media go to https://linktr.ee/thecollingwood.

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