"Everything Matters" in Rising Sun

Calvin Bonenberger, Rising Sun town administrator, told the Rising Sun Chamber of Commerce about the town’s “Everything Matters” campaign, which makes employees accountable to the town and its residents.

RISING SUN — An in-house campaign is under way in Rising Sun’s town hall to make employees be and do the best for the town and its residents.

At the Rising Sun Chamber of Commerce meeting Wednesday Calvin Bonenberger, town administrator, explained the “Everything Matters” program that went into effect earlier this year.

“We always want to strive for better service,” Bonenberger told the chamber audience. “If an employee doesn’t make his employer look good then we have failed and our citizens no longer feel good about where they’re living.”

Bonenberger offered a diagram showing how the campaign is three steps in a continuous circle. Employees are accountable to themselves, accountable to the organization and accountable to the community.

“Success is efficient, effective service,” he said. While town employees carry out their assigned duties each is also encouraged to take ownership of the town in simpler ways.

“If we put out flowers we don’t want them dying on the vine. If we put up Fourth of July bunting and it flips over, straighten it out,” he said.

In instituting this program all town employees are now on a two-year probationary period, giving each a chance to get on board.

“We are very committed to this,” Bonenberger said.

“Rising Sun’s ability to affect change is limited. We don’t do welfare or social services.”

By carrying out the “Everything Matters” program successfully, the hope is that everyone in Rising Sun would also have pride and a certain amount of accountability, he said.

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