ELKTON — Elkton Police Department officers and residents of The Meadows at ElkCreek Apartments got a nice reprieve from the heat and an opportunity to talk and share stories last Wednesday as the complex hosted an event complete with frosty snacks from Kona Ice.

The Meadows Property Manager Kimberly Potter said that the idea for the event came about due to the current national discussion about police following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn. She said her complex wanted the officers at the facility as part of an overall positive experience.

“It was awesome,” she said of the event.

Potter said several officers participated in the event and around 30 residents of the facility. She noted that the majority of residents who got the opportunity to interact with the police officers were children. She noted that during the event several residents thanked the officers for coming out and participating in the event.

EPD Capt. Joseph Zurolo said his department was originally contacted by Potter to participate in the event, which he noted was something officers with the department do on a pretty regular basis.

“This is typical for us,” he said. “This is part of our community policing philosophy. In fact we encourage people to contact us for things like this.”

Zurolo said the feedback he received from officers was positive.

“They had a wonderful experience,” he said. “It was a great interaction with the citizens. It was definitely about engaging in a positive and productive way.”

Zurolo noted as part of the department’s community policing department, officers seek to engage with people in neighborhoods throughout the community to build relationships.

“We want to try to be helpful anyway we can,” he said.

Residents who offered their comments to the Whig described the event as very positive and a very welcome thing to see at their apartment complex.

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