ELKTON — A couple remained jailed Wednesday after investigators confiscated numerous baggies and containers holding suspect heroin/fentanyl and two forms of cocaine during a traffic stop near Elkton, police reported.

Investigators identified the suspects as Timothy Howard Gregg, 57, and Dina Marie North, 45, both of whom reside at the same Elkton address.

Dfc. Joseph McCabe of the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gregg and North shortly after stopping their Honda CR-V at approximately 3:45 p.m. Friday in the 700 block of West Pulaski Highway near the Gray Mount Apartment Complex, where the suspects live, police said.

McCabe stopped the car driven by Gregg because the deputy noticed that the driver’s side mirror was shattered, and he wanted to cite Gregg for an equipment violation, police added. North was Gregg’s front-seat passenger, police noted.

“While making contact with the vehicle occupants, deputies observed that both occupants were displaying a nervous demeanor and shaking profusely,” McCabe wrote in Cecil County District Court charging documents.

McCabe dispatched Elkton Police Department Ofc. Morgan and his specially-trained scent dog, Niko, which scanned the perimeter of the Honda and alerted to the presence of illegal drugs, police said. That set the stage for a search, police added.

At that time, North told investigators that a lighter and a business card were the only items she possessed, according to court records.

However, when North reached into her left pants pocket to pull out those mentioned items, a blue, waxy paper bag stamped, “Uber,” fell to the ground, police said. McCabe determined that the bag contained suspect heroin or fentanyl or a combination of the two, police added.

While searching the car, investigators confiscated a quarter-ounce of powder cocaine, which was inside a plastic baggie found inside a purse on the front-passenger’s seat, court records allege.

They also seized an empty green plastic container, known on the street as a “trash can,” after finding it on the driver’s side floorboard, police reported.

While North stood handcuffed outside the vehicle, investigators noticed three plastic baggies and a crushed cigarette box lying on the ground where she had been standing moments earlier, police said. Inside the plastic baggies, investigators found and seized 40 more blue waxy bags containing suspect heroin or fentanyl or a combination of the two and bearing numerous street-brand stamps, police added.

“Deputies also know that these (bags) are known as ‘Philly Bags,’ which have a street value of $15 to $20 a bag,” court records allege.

When checking the contents of the crushed cigarette box, investigators found 10 “green trash cans” containing five grams of suspect crack cocaine, which is slightly less than a quarter ounce, according to court records. There are 28 grams in an ounce.

Also in that cigarette box, investigators found five white “trash cans” holding three more grams of suspect powder cocaine, bringing the total amount of powder cocaine confiscated during the search to 10 grams, police noted.

In addition, according to court records, McCabe seized three cell phones belonging to Gregg after finding them in the front passenger area of the vehicle.

Investigators also confiscated $194 found inside Gregg’s wallet, which was in his back pocket, police said. The $194 in cash was in small denominations, including 50 one-dollar bills, and that is “indicative of (illegal drug) distribution and sales,” police added.

Gregg and North are each facing nine charges, including possession of heroin/fentanyl with intent to distribute and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, according to court records, which indicate that they are scheduled for Oct. 21 preliminary hearings.

As of late Wednesday afternoon, Gregg and North remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond, after their bail review hearings two days earlier, court records show.

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