ELKTON — A teen allegedly pulled a handgun on a man and his two daughters — pointing it in their general direction — after they chided him for driving too fast through their Elkton neighborhood, according to Cecil County District Court records.

Elkton Police Department officers arrested the suspect, Tyler Anthony Mayberry, 18, shortly after the incident, which occurred at approximately 7:15 p.m. on Friday in the 300 block of Hollingsworth Manor, where Mayberry lives a few doors away from the alleged victims’ residence, court records show.

EPD officers responded to the alleged victims’ residence, after receiving a complaint about “someone pointing a handgun at them and threatening them,” police said. Officers interviewed the man and his two daughters, all of whom gave similar accounts of the incident, police added.

The man and his daughters told investigators that they were in front yard that night, when they noticed a purple Mitsubishi speeding on the residential road in front of their home, court record show. Concerned for the safety of “several kids outside playing” in that area, they yelled for the driver to reduce his speed, according to court records.

After the Mitsubishi continued up the street a short distance, it doubled back and stopped near the victims’ residence — where Mayberry and an alleged accomplice got out of the suspect vehicle and pointed handguns toward the father and his two daughters, causing them fear, before driving away, court records allege.

(Court records, which do not identify Mayberry’s alleged accomplice by name, indicate that that person drove from the neighborhood in a gold Toyota car before police arrived. As of Tuesday afternoon, it did not appear that Mayberry’s purported accomplice had been arrested and, or, charged, based on a search of online Cecil County criminal records.)

While EPD officers were still in the 300 block of Hollingsworth Manor, conducting their investigation, they spotted a purple Mitsubishi traveling nearby, police said. At that point, police added, the driver — later identified as Mayberry — exhibited a reluctance to proceed.

“There was an open parking spot in front of (Mayberry’s) house, but the vehicle seemed to stop at the end of the street when he saw us. The vehicle then began reversing and (two EPD officers) moved swiftly towards it,” according to charging documents.

Then Mayberry got out of the Mitsubishi in a “suspicious way,” opening the door only wide enough for him to slip out, before quickly locking the door behind him, police said.

After explaining to Mayberry that they were there to investigate a report of him allegedly pointing a gun at his neighbors, the EPD officers asked the suspect if they could search his Mitsubishi, and he denied that request, police added.

At that point, investigators dispatched EPD Ofc. Matthew Nussle and his specially-trained scent dog, K9 Rommel, which alerted to the presence of contraband while performing a sniff-scan outside the suspect vehicle, according to charging documents.

That prompted a probable-cause search in which investigators found a loaded, semi-automatic Kahr MK9 9mm handgun under the driver’s seat of the Mitsubishi and seized the firearm, police said. They also found a small amount of suspect marijuana inside the driver’s door and confiscated it, police added.

The alleged victims identified Mayberry as one of the men who allegedly had threatened them with a handgun earlier that night, according to charging documents, which further indicate that at least one of the daughters knows Mayberry because they attended school together.

Investigators arrested Mayberry at the scene and transported him to EPD’s headquarters in the 100 block of Railroad Avenue for processing, court records show.

Mayberry is facing eight charges, including three counts of first-degree assault, a felony that is punishable by up to 25 years in prison per offense if convicted, according to court records.

He remained in the Cecil County Detention Center on no bond Tuesday, one day after his bail review hearing, court records show.

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