Fish Rodeo

A boy proudly shows off his catch. Elkton and the state are teaming up for a Youth Fishing Rodeo on July 20.

ELKTON — Children are invited to come out to Howard Pond to cast a line and learn more about angler culture in the third Youth Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, July 20.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Elkton Department of Parks and Recreation have teamed up to continue the annual state program for the third year in town. Youth fishing rodeos connect 6,000 young people with the Maryland outdoors each year.

“For a lot of kids participating in a fishing rodeo, it is their first real angling experience,” DNR Fishing and Boating Services Director David Blazer said. “These events reflect a commitment across the state to develop a passion for fishing and stewardship of our natural resources.”

A limited number of fishing rods and reels are available for use for the event, and staff will be on hand to help out novice anglers. To ensure each fisherman has the opportunity to reel in a catch, the DNR helped raise and supply thousands of fish for various events across the state.

Howard Pond, which is on East Main Street at the edge of town, has been stocked with a hybrid sunfish, a cross between a bluegill and green sunfish.

DNR staff will also be on hand to teach budding anglers about fishing techniques, knot tying, casting, freshwater fish identification and conversation.

The fishing rodeo is open to all who come, but those who are over 15 are required to have a non-tidal fishing license before casting a line.

“We hope families will come out and enjoy this fun event,” Elkton Parks and Recreation Director Mary Magaw said. “It is a great opportunity to learn about fishing while spending quality time together outdoors.”

Advance registration is encouraged, and can be done by contacting the Elkton Department of Parks and Recreation at 410-620-7964 or at

The Youth Fishing Rodeo runs from 8 a.m. to noon on July 20.

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