Cynthia Osborne

Cynthia Osborne in 2015.

ELKTON — The Cecil Whig has obtained documents between Housing and Urban Development officials and Elkton Housing Authority (EHA) in Cecil County alleging that EHA executive director Cynthia Osborne has embezzled approximately $50,000 in federal funds.

A July 2 letter from Charles Hicks, Chair of the Board of Elkton Housing Authority, to HUD officials in both Baltimore and Washington states that "on or about June 28, 2019, we uncovered financial improprieties by the Authority's Executive Director, Cynthia Osborne."

The letter further states that the board is "aware" that Osborne has allegedly  "embezzled approximately $50,000 in federal funds," and that Osborne "admitted to the embezzlement as a lone actor."

Osborne was escorted out of the East Main Street building with instructions not to return to the property until Board Chair Hicks notified her to do so, according to documents obtained by the Whig.

Osborne was also allegedly placed on unpaid administrative leave, but reporters from the Whig confirmed that her phone extension is still working and at least receiving voicemails. Osborne is still listed as the executive director of the organization on official communiques from the EHA as recently as noon on Wednesday.

"I have no idea where you got that information," Deputy Director Nancy Hopkins told the Whig on Wednesday. Hopkins would not confirm whether or not she was acting in the executive director role, but did confirm that she is currently deputy director. 

Other sources contacted did not respond to the Whig by press time. 

This is a developing story.

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Now this explains why they didn’t have any funding for the home purchasing program.

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