Jessica Rae Slate


ELKTON — A traffic stop near Elkton led to investigators confiscating methamphetamine and arresting two people — including a woman who now has three drug-related arrests on her record since December, police reported.

Cecil County Circuit Court records indicate that the suspect, Jessica Rae Slate, 36, of the unit block of Pinder Avenue near Elkton, was on two supervised probations in her previous drug cases at the time of her arrest Thursday night. Moreover, according to court records, Slate had started serving one of those supervised probations some 15 days before her Thursday arrest.

Slate had received suspended one-year sentences in April and again June 5, as part of plea agreements in which she pleaded guilty to drug possession and was then placed on supervised probations, one for a period of 18 months, the other for 12 months, court records show.

Slate’s latest drug arrest occurred at about 10 p.m. Thursday, after Cecil County Sheriff’s Office Dfc. Joseph McCabe stopped a silver Ford Expedition in the westbound lane of East Old Philadelphia Road, near Hollis Circle, because the vehicle had a cracked taillight, police reported.

A computer check revealed that the operator, Jason Allen Andrew Schulgin, 35, of Elkton, had a revoked driver’s license and that the sport utility vehicle’s registration had been canceled, prompting McCabe to call a tow company to remove the SUV and to instruct Schulgin and Slate — his front-seat passenger — to exit the vehicle, according to police.

While searching the vehicle, McCabe found a meth pipe containing burnt residue lodged in the front center air vent, police said.

The deputy also found a black ziplock bag on the front passenger floorboard, and it contained suspect methamphetamine, a digital scale, a clear plastic funnel covered in suspect methamphetamine and several unused “clear plastic dime bags,” police added.

“As Dfc. McCabe pulled the bag containing the (methamphetamine) and paraphernalia out of the vehicle, Jessica made an excited utterance to him that she took the (methamphetamine) from a friend of hers and planned on selling it since she had no money,” court records allege.

Slate, who remained in the Cecil County Detention Center in lieu of $7,500 bond Tuesday, is charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of methamphetamine, according to court records. She is scheduled for a July 19 preliminary hearing.

Schulgin, who is free on personal recognizance, is charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia, court records show. His district court trial is set for Aug. 20, according to court records.

Slate’s first arrest in this series occurred in early December amid an ongoing investigation by CCSO’s Street Level Crimes Unit, police said. In addition to Slate, investigators arrested three other Elkton-area residents, police added.

Shortly after the arrests, Lt. Michael Holmes, a CCSO spokesman referenced a mobile home park off the 100 block of East Old Philadelphia Road (Route 7) near Elkton and explained, “We had received complaints regarding illegal drug activity in the Whispering Pines community.”

At that time, according to court records, three of the four suspects, including Slate, lived on Pinder Avenue in that neighborhood.

SLCU members developed Slate and the other three people as suspects during an investigation prompted by the complaints, police reported.

That led to investigators stopping a Dodge Durango driven by Slate in the 1600 block of West Pulaski Highway (U.S. Route 40) near Elkton for a traffic violation at about 7:45 p.m. Dec. 5, according to police.

Based on information gathered during the SLCU investigation, officers searched the vehicle and found 98 baggies of heroin inside a black box attached to the outside of the vehicle, police reported. Some had been stamped with the street brand name, “Chucky” while others were stamped “White Bear,” police said.

Investigators arrested Slate and the other three suspects, police reported.

Then on Dec. 11, Slate was arrested again on drug charges while free on a $7,500 bond that she had posted after her first arrest some six days earlier, according to court records. McCabe was the arresting officer in that second incident, as well as the one that occurred Thursday night, court records show.

McCabe stopped a Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Slate at approximately 8:40 a.m. Dec. 11 on East Old Philadelphia Road because she allegedly failed to use a turn signal, police reported.

McCabe dispatched CCSO Cpl. Jonathan Pristash and his specially-trained scent dog, Kilo, to conduct a perimeter scan of the pickup truck, police said. Kilo alerted to the presence of illegal drugs, which led to a search in which investigators found a plastic baggie containing suspect methamphetamine inside a purse on the front passenger seat, police added.

“(Slate) advised Dfc. McCabe that the purse belonged to her and that she occasionally uses methamphetamine,” according to court records.

McCabe arrested Slate at the traffic stop scene and charged her with possession of methamphetamine, court records show. After spending one night in jail, Slate was released on an unsecured $3,000 bond, according to court records.

On April 22, Slate received a suspended one-year sentence and was placed on 12 months of supervised probation after pleading guilty to possession of methamphetamine in the criminal case relating to her Dec. 11 arrest, court records show.

Then on June 5, after pleading guilty to possession of heroin in the criminal case relating to her Dec. 5 arrest, Slate received a suspended one-year sentence and was placed on 18 months of supervised probation, according to court records.

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