Delmarva Power and Arbor Day Foundation offer free trees

Up to 1,000 free trees in your choice of four different species are available through Delmarva Power and the National Arbor Day Foundation. The trees are available first come, first served.

NEWARK, Del. — Homeowners who are customers of Delmarva Power can get a free tree seedling from the utility in conjunction with the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Amber Burruezo, media spokeswoman for Delmarva Power, said one gallon sized bald cypress, river birch, red maple and white oak trees are available. She said the foundation chose those trees for this region.

“The selection is based on the region and what will do best,” she said, adding supply is also taken into consideration. There are 1,000 seedlings available. She said while the trees come in one gallon nursery containers, the actual size of the tree depends on the species.

“My tree last year came in a 2-3 foot tall box,” Burruezo said.

Go to to sign up for a tree. You will get to choose the type and there’s a program on the page to help you decide where to plant it for energy benefits.

“Plug in an address ... and drop the pin point for the selected tree.” she said. “You’ll look at how big the tree will be in 16 years.”

And don’t hurry to put that tree in the ground once it arrives some time by the end of May.

“Before you plant it call 811,” she said. This will send a utility worked to your property to seek out underground lines. The locations of the lines will be marked to avoid damaging them or injuring you. It will also dissuade you from planting the tree where it will grow into overhead lines.

“It’s also Call Before You Dig month,” she noted, coincidentally.

Those without a computer or internet access can call 855-670-2772 and order a tree over the telephone.

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