ELKTON — A convicted felon who is barred from possessing firearms remained jailed Tuesday after investigators allegedly confiscated guns while raiding an Elkton residence and later determined that, regarding one of the seized pistols, there is a one-in-333-billion chance someone other than the suspect left DNA on it, police reported.

Elkton Police Department Det. Dennis LaSassa filed charges against the suspect, Kason Gregory-Kevin Lee, 30, of the unit block of Hollingsworth Manor, on Thursday — approximately six months after the start of an investigation in which DNA testing allegedly linked Lee to one of the confiscated handguns, according to Cecil County District Court records.

Police reported that the investigation began at approximately 1 p.m. on March 30, when LaSassa and EPD Det. Thomas Saulsbury went to Huntsman Drive near Cow Lane, adjacent to Hollingsworth Manor, after receiving a complaint about Lee waving a handgun while standing in the street.

The responding detectives were familiar with Lee, whose street name is “Face,” because Saulsbury had arrested him in April, court records show.

In that case, Saulsbury took Lee into custody on April 21 after investigators raided two Hollingsworth Manor residences and confiscated 91 baggies of suspect heroin mixed with fentanyl, two ounces of suspect marijuana, four digital scales, more than $1,000 and five pills of MDMA, which is a psychedelic drug commonly called “ecstasy” or “molly,” according to court records and Cecil Whig archives.

(Facing 25 criminal charges relating to those tandem house raids, including five felonies, Lee has remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond since his April arrest and is awaiting a trial date.)

When Lee noticed the arriving EPD detectives on March 30, he ran into a residence at 122 Huntsman Dr. where, investigators suspected, he “dropped or hid” the handgun in question before walking out of that house about three minutes later.

“(Lee) was yelling at a group of males standing across the street and, from the way he was yelling, I could tell that an incident (had) transpired,” LaSassa notes in his written statement of probable cause.

Court records indicate that a confidential informant “proven to be reliable and credible in the past” spoke with LaSassa on the phone and reported that, moments before the EPD investigators had arrived, Lee was “flashing” a firearm on Huntsman Drive.

“The CI (confidential informant) told me that Lee was threatening people . . . The CI said that ‘Face’ is crazy and believes that he will kill somebody,” LaSassa outlines in his written statement of charges.

A criminal background check revealed that Lee is banned from possessing firearms because he is a convicted felon relating, in part, to an armed robbery, police said.

The EPD detectives obtained a search warrant for 122 Huntsman Dr., based on their belief that Lee had hidden a gun inside the house and based on other information they possessed regarding that particular address, police added.

“122 Huntsman has been reported to be a drug house by numerous complainants through the months. I have had CIs in the past advise that Kason Lee distributes (drugs) and has a couple of stash houses in the Hollingsworth Manor area. It is common for drug distributors to protect their stash house from the police and competing drug distributors,” LaSassa explains in charging documents.

During the court-approved search, which started at approximately 3:15 p.m. on March 30, about two hours after the EPD detectives had responded to the call regarding an armed man in the street, investigators confiscated a 9mm handgun, a .22 caliber rifle and two .22 caliber revolvers, court records show.

They also seized a pink fanny pack “filled with ammo,” a magazine loaded with .22 caliber bullets and four loose .22 caliber rounds, according to court records.

EPD Det. Shannon Comley processed the confiscated firearms for DNA and obtained a warrant that allowed detectives to take DNA samples from Lee and three other adults investigators had linked to that Huntsman Drive residence, police reported.

On April 14, LaSassa and Saulsbury took a DNA sample from Lee, and it was sent to the Maryland State Police Forensics Science Division lab along with samples taken from the other three people, police said.

Then on July 28, police added, Comley received results from the DNA testing conducted at the MSP forensics lab.

MSP lab technicians found a DNA profile from “at least two contributors” on the handle of a HiPoint 9mm Luger pistol that had been confiscated from the Huntsman Drive residence, including a “major male contributor,” according to charging documents.

“The DNA profile from Kason Lee matches the major contributor DNA profile. Because the rarity of this profile exceeds 1 in 333 billion, it is unreasonable to conclude that an unrelated individual would be the source of this major contributor DNA profile,” court records allege.

Lee is facing 11 criminal charges, five of which are felonies, including four counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to court records, which indicate that Lee is scheduled for an Oct. 2 preliminary hearing.

He remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond on Tuesday, four days after his bail review hearing, court records show.

Lee was served his charging papers on Thursday at the county jail, where he has remained in custody without bond for the past five months after his drug arrest in connection with the two house raids that occurred in Hollingsworth Manor, according to court records.

Those simultaneous house raids occurred on April 21 – some 22 days after the incident in which Lee allegedly waved a handgun while standing on Huntsman Drive, which, in turn, led to the court-approved search of 122 Huntsman Dr. and the confiscation of the guns and ammunition.

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