Maryland State Police

NORTH EAST — A sobriety checkpoint near North East on Friday night and bolstered patrols over the weekend resulted in the arrests of six motorists, according to Maryland State Police.

MSP troopers conducted the sobriety checkpoint from 9 p.m. to shortly before 11 p.m. in the westbound lane of West Pulaski Highway, east of Mechanics Valley Road, reported Lt. Jeffrey Kirschner, commander of the North East Barrack.

During the operation, which involved 11 MSP troopers and State Highway Administration workers, 533 motorists passed through the sobriety checkpoint, Kirschner said. Of those motorists, three were pulled over for further field sobriety testing, he added.

In conjunction with the sobriety checkpoint, troopers assigned to a special DUI Saturation Patrols squad patrolled throughout Cecil County over the weekend, stopping any motorist who appeared to be driving impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Kirschner explained.

The combined initiative, which was made possible through SHA grant funding, netted four DUI arrests, according to Kirschner, who further reported that an additional motorist was charged with drug possession and another was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant.

The sobriety checkpoint and the impaired driving saturation patrols started Friday night, after the last of Cecil County schools’ graduation ceremonies — a time when graduation parties are common.

“The effect of DUI checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols is a proven resource in reducing the number killed and injured in alcohol or drug-related crashes. Crashes involving an impaired driver can be reduced by up to 20% when publicized DUI checkpoints, like this one, and proactive DUI patrols are conducted routinely,” Kirschner commented, adding, “Checkpoints like this are placed in locations based on crash statistics and frequency of DUI arrests, affording the greatest opportunity for achieving drunk and drugged driving deterrence.”

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