CECIL COUNTY — On Wednesday, Cecil County Public Schools opened their doors to students, despite the terrible weather, giving students a chance to once again start learning and see their teachers.

“Last year was a learning experience for all of us and I’m looking forward to a more normal school year,” Jennifer Amma, an AP Environmental Teacher at Elkton High School, said. “I can’t wait to engage with [the students] in class and be present in the same room.”

Assistant Principal Jeffers Brown greeted many students as they walked off the bus into Elkton High School.

“Just having conversations and any meaningful exchange with them is rewarding and fun,” said Brown. “It keeps me young.”

Elkton principal Jim Leitgeb said he looks forward to rebuilding the connection the school has with the community through events such as honoring the Alumni of the 2000 Elkton High School State Championship football team during halftime on Sept 10.

“I’m looking forward to building the relationship with students and bringing the community back to the building,” Leitgeb said.

Julie Jackson, the kitchen manager at Elkton said she is excited that all school breakfasts and lunches throughout the county are free.

“I wish it was forever, I love it,” Jackson said. “It’s one less thing the parents have to worry about when they have so much to worry about.”

Jackson said she is also looking forward to having more in-person interactions with students.

“I’m glad it’s in person this year,” Elkton High School junior Juliette Suter said, when asked about the first day of school.

At Elkton Middle School students poured out of the building to go home after their first day.

“It was just nice having kids in the building with normal class sizes,” principal Keisha Brinkley said. “Kids were excited, teachers were excited, I think we’re set up for a really good school year.”

Norma Kennedy, who picked up her niece at Elkton Middle School with her daughter in tow, said it was great to return to school, but expressed some nervousness around the new delta variant of the COVID virus.

“It’s wonderful, but I’m also a little nervous with that delta variant out there. I got my daughter vaccinated,” Kennedy said. “But I still want to do the masks because I feel like not enough people are vaccinated yet to go maskless.”

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