NORTH EAST — The Cecil County Library’s Business Information Center won the Maryland Association of Counties Rural County Innovation Award.

“Our goal is to help you save time and money when launching or running a business or non-profit,” Morgan Miller, Library Executive Director said. “This award highlights the impactful work that we do with economic development in the community.”

The Center was founded in 2003, as an entry point for entrepreneurs to gain the resources and support they need to run a business. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, business librarians helped local businesses access emergency grants, financial assistance, and follow public health guidelines. The library offered a variety of virtual programs and workshops, and librarians often met virtually with business owners on zoom, helping them make the changes necessary to survive during the pandemic.

The library offers a full suite of graphics software from Adobe, along with the new business commons at the North East Library, with co-working rooms, consulting space, and a digital media lab.

Palette & the Page owner Patti Paulus said when her business first opened she often spoke to business librarian Laura Metzler, and attended many workshops through the business center.

“They are two people who know a lot and are incredibly helpful for someone starting a business,” Paulus, referring to the business libraries said.

Paulus said the center is also useful for business owners who are past the entrepreneur stage and are simply trying to improve their company.

Appointments are available via Zoom or in-person at any of the library’s locations across the county. Business co-working spaces are available at the North East Library. For more information, including a schedule of workshops, go here

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