The CCPS summer school program "Camp CCPS" ends registration on Friday April 30. 

Registration for Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) summer school “Camp CCPS” will end Friday April 30. CCPS is offering summer instruction Monday through Thursday from June 21 to August 19, with programs for elementary, middle and high school students.

The program does not have a virtual option.

“If we were to get an overwhelming response and push for virtual support, we're in a position to do that,” said Superintendent Jeffrey Lawson. “But we really want to try to get kids back into buildings because that's where we're most effective.”

Course length depends on grade level and subject, with elementary schools being split up into weekly programs, but CCPS is allowing families to sign up for as many or as few courses as possible. 

"We're really trying to be flexible to get people to come," Lawson said. 

Each week in the elementary school program will have a different theme, such as friendship, kindness and curiosity. Two weeks in August will be a “Lift off to Grade 6” program for elementary schools.

The middle school program also features themes, but solely during the month of July, with “The Watershed,” “The Artist in Me,” and “All About Sports.” Middle schoolers will also be able to participate in mathematics and english preparation for the next grade level in August. 

The high school summer school will feature credit recovery for 9-12 graders, allowing students to make up missed work within a course to help students stay on track to graduate, along with other forms of academic support. Students in grades 8-11 will be eligible for preparation for the upcoming school year, featuring test preparation for the SAT’s test and Advanced Placement courses, along with courses unique to the local school.

“We're helping students recover from any learning loss that may have occurred through the pandemic,” Lawson said. “At the same time, we know that these are children and children particularly in summer want to have fun. So we're really trying to strike a balance by doing things that we think will interest the child, and supporting their literacy and math skills.”

Interested students or parents should contact their local high school for additional information. CCPS will provide transportation for all students. Readers can register at the link here.

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