PORT DEPOSIT — Birthday parties, like everything else during the ongoing pandemic, look very different these days but that’s necessarily a bad thing for a little boy who loves trucks.

Jameson McCreary turned 2 Tuesday and to celebrate, family and friends arranged a parade of big wheeled trucks including construction equipment, fire trucks and paramedics.

“We told people and they told people and word just got out,” said Jackie Hollenbaugh, Jameson’s grandmother.

Hollenbaugh said her grandson is a typical boy.

“He loves trucks. He loves anything that honks,” Hollenbaugh said.

And that’s what he got. Rotating between standing at the end of the driveway of his home on Herbie’s Curve and sitting in the seat of a bright red sports car to honk the horn, Jameson laughed, waved and giggled, his blonde curls bouncing with him. He also pumped his arm and invited trucks to honk their horns, eliciting more excited giggles.

Kristin McCreary, Jameson’s mother, said she and Brendan McCreary, Jameson’s father, got the idea from social media.

“A lot of people have been doing these parades,” she said. When she floated the idea to family and friends it quickly became a parade of well-wishers handing balloons and gift bags out the window in passing.

“There were over 100. So many came and some we did not know about,” Hollenbaugh said.

Family members wearing masks offered cold drinks, cupcakes and ice cream to each passing vehicle .

McCreary wasn’t sure Jameson understood the parade was done for him.

“But he understands all the honking,” she said.

Hollenbaugh enjoyed watching the 2-year-old celebrate.

“He liked all the lights and all the people waving at him,” she said. “A friend called later and said, “that was really impressive. What are you going to do next year? Get the Blue Angels to do a flyover?”

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