FAIR HILL — It looks like a typical Chevrolet Camaro parked amongst a sea of farm equipment behind the main area at the Cecil County Fair.

But then the music begins, a rainbow of lights shine from the wheels and the bright yellow car breaks apart to a standing position.

The Big Bee Show, new this year to the fair, doesn’t last long. However in those few minutes the transforming robotic vehicle won fans in the audience.

“It was cool,” said Gwyn Kurras, 13, from Rising Sun.

Nearby a group of boys wished the car was a Ford Mustang instead, and wished Big Bee had done a few laps or crashed into something.

Kurras agreed.

“I wanted to see it move, drive around,” she said.

Big Bee stretched to its full height, its face appearing from behind the grill.

It was enough for Brooks Pevec, 5, and his dad, Brian.

“He loved it,” the Newark, Del., man said of Brooks’ experience.

Monday was Children’s Day at the fair. With free admission it’s the day that summer camps, child care facilities, grandparents and parents attend with kids in tow. Cecil County Public Library, Cecil College, Pleasant View Baptist Church, Cecil County Soil Conservation, Cecil County 4-H and other groups, businesses and organizations offered free crafts, activities and entertainment. All of the fair’s entertainers, Cowboy Danny Grant, Victoria Circus, Team Uprooted Extreme Chainsaw Carving, David Kauffman Blacksmith demonstrations, Mobile Glass Studios glassblowing and Big Bee offered one show for the kids.

“We expected 4-H and glass blowing,” Pevec said as he and Brooks lined up to get pictures taken with Big Bee. “There was more to see than I expected. This was fantastic.”

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