Thomas Dale Maxwell


ELKTON — Maryland State Police troopers took an assault suspect into custody at an Elkton-area residence over the weekend, after pepper-spraying and striking him in the face several times as he allegedly kept reaching for a knife while struggling with them, according to Cecil County District Court records.

MSP troopers responded to the residence in the 900 block of East Old Philadelphia Road at approximately 12:10 a.m. Sunday, after a 48-year-old woman reported that her live-in boyfriend — Thomas Dale Maxwell, 47 — had attacked her with a knife, police reported.

The woman told investigators that Maxwell had held a knife blade to her throat and threatened to kill her, court records allege.

“I observed (the woman) to have blood smeared on her face and to be hysterical. She kept stating, ‘He tried to kill me. He put a knife to my throat.’ I observed there to be several red marks on her neck and her chest to have red bruising,” MSP Trooper Kurtis Henry outlines in his statement of probable cause.

Maxwell, who was at the residence, allegedly “took an aggressive stance” when Henry ordered him to turn around and place his hands behind his back, police said. Maxwell asked, “Why?” and “tensed his body,” prompting Henry to grab Maxwell’s left arm and order him, once again, to place his hands behind his back, explaining that he was under arrest, police added.

“Maxwell stated, ‘(Expletive) this,’ and attempted to free his left arm from my grip. At that time, (MSP) Tfc. Gagliardi grabbed Maxwell’s right arm in an attempt to keep Maxwell from grabbing an orange pocket knife that he had on his person. Maxwell attempted to reach in his pocket,” court records allege.

At that point, Henry executed a “leg sweep” and placed Maxwell on the ground, police said. The trooper also continued to order Maxwell to place his hands behind his back and to stop resisting, police added.

“Maxwell continued to reach for his pockets and his waistband. I struck Maxwell in the face repeatedly in order to gain compliance. Maxwell attempted to grab me and swing at me, with his left arm striking my body, while still reaching to his pocket with his right arm. I continued striking Maxwell in the face,” Henry explains in the charging document.

Then Gagliardi released her grip on Maxwell’s right arm and squirted pepper spray into his face, police reported.

“Maxwell would still not give up his hands. I then deployed my (pepper spray). I was then able to place Maxwell in handcuffs,” according to court records.

After his bail review hearing Monday, Maxwell remains in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond, court records show.

Maxwell is facing eight charges, including first-degree assault, possession of a concealed and dangerous weapon, resisting arrest and three counts of second-degree assault, according to court records, which indicate that he is scheduled for a July 19 preliminary hearing.

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