Several citizens spoke in support of Cecil County Councilman Alan McCarthy's resolution opposing the state's recently passed gun law Tuesday night, shortly before the county council voted 4-0 to adopt it with amendments.

“Without the Second Amendment, we'll have no rights,” said Michael Gilbert, of Rising Sun, during the council's meeting Tuesday night in Elkton.

“I urge you to support this resolution that sends a message to Annapolis that we won't be walked on. We need to take steps to protect our rights,” Gilbert said.

McCarthy introduced a simple resolution April 16, but offered a couple of amendments Tuesday after three weeks of consideration and suggestions from supporters.

Councilman Michael Dunn, who didn't attend any of Tuesday's county council meetings because of illness, had prepared his own resolution in opposition to the Maryland Firearms Safety Act, but the council delayed action on it until Dunn returns to discuss what he wants in person with his colleagues.

The adopted resolution states that the county council believes the Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013 is unconstitutional and is based on invalid legislation.

The council vowed to analyze additional actions to protect the rights of Cecil County citizens to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment.

They also recommend no county funds, resources, employees, contractors, buildings or offices may be used to enforce any restriction or regulation that inhibits or reduces what they believe are law-abiding citizens' Second Amendment rights.

The resolution also goes on to say they support gun laws that prohibit the sale or possession of weapons by felons or those with a history of dangerous mental illness and require reasonable safety training.

Joe Carabetta, a Carpenters Point resident and frequent visitor to county council meetings, voiced his support Tuesday night for the gun resolution and also urged all of the council members to become life members of the National Rifle Association.

“Our work is not done on this issue,” Council President Robert Hodge said after the unanimous passage of McCarthy's resolution.

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It's a real shame when intentionally-incorrect information is shared so publicly. rperkool's posting about Sheriff Janney's "silence" on this matter is nothing but hogwash. Sheriff Janney's view on the matter was made very clear to those who sought it OUTSIDE of the political gamesmanship of Cecil County. He did not need to stand up on a soapbox and have a "voice" on this matter. He has already earned the right to speak whenever he wants (as Sheriff I mean) by virtue of the voters' decision to elect him. Citizens of the everyday variety, like Mr. Sutton, can certainly stand up and say what they feel is necessary. However, Sheriff Janney knows what he is doing and - just because his plan doesn't match with Mr. Sutton's or Sutton's supporters like rperkool - this does not mean he must always "speak" in order to be "heard".

Enough already...


Kudos to Councilman McCarthy and those on the Council that voted to pass this Resolution to take a stand to protect the 2nd Amendment. Hopefully the rest of the counties will follow. UNITED WE STAND!


Rick, maybe you should read the resolution. The resolution specifically states that the council supports laws which keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people.

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and since the Bill of Rights has been incorporated in the states, the 2nd Amendment overrules state and local laws. The council has the power of the purse and is within its rights to not use local dollars or resources to enforce this law.

I commend the council for their actions.


Yes, a county government we can be proud of. Maybe I should open a gun shop, so all the felons, wife beaters, and crazies can exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Sounds like a GREAT idea!


I certainly do appreciate the Cecil County Council members taking an active roll in support of recognizing a citizens natural and inalienable right through the adoption of this resolution. At the state level, it is shameful when the governor places a higher value upon the criminal than the law abiding citizens. I have no respect for many members of the House of Delegates who displayed a tyrannical and willful disregard towards the thousands of citizens and state Sheriffs who testified against this law during the legislative process.

The citizens of Cecil County should be aware that our current Sheriff Barry Janney remained silent during the legislative process while many Sheriffs from other state jurisdictions came to the hearings and spoke against this law. The citizens should also take note that Chris Sutton spoke openly and frequently against this legislation both before and after it became law. I am grateful to Mr. Sutton and he has secured my vote for Sheriff.




The NRA is not a gun club of ordinary gun owners; it is a gun lobby for gun manufactures and gun retailers, such as Walmart. The NRA hides its true purpose behind its ordinary members. It receives it's major financing from gun manufacturers who give free memberships to bolster ihe NRA rolls. NRA couldn't give a hoot for citizens rights.


Commissioners are sworn to uphold state laws and federal laws.

It seems that the commissioners have an uninformed notion of rights. Did they review the supreme court heller decision? Justice Scalia said, "like all rights, 2nd amendment rights are not unlimited".

In a democracy, how we defend our rights is called "the vote".

That resolution was a waste of time and county money?

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