Cecil County SPCA

Cecil County Commissioners will be discussing animal control options during next week’s Tuesday morning work session after learning this week that the Cecil County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) wants to terminate its contract with the county effective Aug. 30.


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Was this reporter at the meeting? Because the CCSPCA was suppose to be given 5 minutes in the open meeting and their attorney was cut off after 3 min. In the closed meeting, they were given no time. None of the suggestions that the CCSPCA were considered. The commissioners, whom seem to think they know how to care for animals safety and well being, like they seem to feel that pets are only cats and dogs; seemed have closed minds and only really care about and are willing to change things that effect them directly. "Oh, it's the law", we have to follow it....aren't you suppose make change? Didn't you run on those words? Thanks for supporting your constituents. NOT.

When the AKC is willing to publicize your actions and solicit for support against your ideas......well one can only consider what your motives are.


Our Three Mouseketeers/Commissioners are at it again. It's always something.


“They had ample opportunity to make comments or submit comments to us for changes,” Mullin said. “For the record, they’ve not. I’ve heard nothing from them officially.”... Huh? they had an open meeting and there numerous suggestions for needed changes. The lawyer spoke and referred to problems with the ordinance.... Still the commissioners made no attempt to address ANY of the valid concerns presented and passed it anyway.... I am very disappointed with the commissioners who voted for this. Now there is no viable animal control organization to step up, and it is unlikely such a group will be found easily considering the unenforceable regulations and insufficient money to fund one. The citizens of Cecil County have a bigger problem than they did when the commissioners decided to "improve" the system....


This is a good thing. The SPCA isn't setup to deal with animal control, which was evident while it was their responsiblity. I lived next door to a German shepard inbreeding puppy mill for 2 years. The gentleman (and I use that term loosely) who owned the property repeatedly abused the dogs which became very aggressive towards males. While shoveling snow on my property I was bit by one of the dogs. The SPCA responded by fining him 500 dollars for dogs at large, and 500 dollars when they realized he was running an unlicensed kennel. That's about where the enforcement stopped. When I called the SPCA again to report that the dogs were still loose, they were still being physically abused and, he was still selling puppies they stated there was nothing they could do until this legislation passed. Hopefully their successor will be more proactive in bringing abusers of animals to justice.


They should just shut down and let an agency that cares more for the animals than the amount of money they charge. Their prices are very high compared to surrounding areas and now they dont want to do animal control? What good are they?


there should be a board to oversee the county commissioners!! Look out, Charter Government won't fix stupid!!!


There should be a board of people to over see the SPCA, make sure the animals are being cared for and not abused. Work togather to make it right.

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