Six Cecil County post offices will have reduced hours in a move postal officials say meets the needs of each community.

Cecilton, Charlestown, Childs, Elk Mills, Perry Point and Warwick post offices will not close, and will retain post office box service and retail sales.

Their hours, however, will be reduced, according to the postal service. Charlestown, Warwick and Perry Point would have retail sales four hours each day while Cecilton, Childs and Elk Mills would be available six hours per day.

Part of a plan to save rural post offices, 3,700 post offices are targeted, which should save the agency $500 million.

According to a press released issued late Wednesday by the United States Post Office, this plan will be phased in over two years, completing in September 2014.

The release did not say when the new hours would begin to be implemented.

Some 21,000 postal employees would also be offered early retirement packages.

These changes come as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 1789, the 21st Century Postal Reform Act. The bill makes it harder for the postal service to close facilities or to lessen delivery standards, and offers about $11 billion for debts and retirement incentives.

The bill is geared at saving the struggling postal service, which lost about $5 billion in last fiscal year.

Both U.S. Senators Barbara Mikulski and Benjamin Cardin successfully fought to save the Easton mail-processing center in the bill.

Closing Easton's facility would save about $6 million annually, but would cost the Shore's economies about $19 million.

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The Post Office could save even more money by closing the Perry Point Post Office all together. The Perryville Post Office is less than a mile a way. COnsolodate both of them and build a nicer facility that can better serve teh community at large. In fact, why doesn't the Town of Perryville absorb ALL of Perry Point. There is no need for it to exist as its own seperate facility.


I can see cutting hours in the community area post offices, but Cecilton & Charlestown are incorporated towns with established local government, public safety, services, businesses, etc...

Has anyone looked at the impact to those items before cutting back? I would bet not!!!

This is just another example of big brother not being able to control itself but wants to control everybody and everything else!!

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