ELKTON — Several protesters gathered along East Pulaski Highway on Friday to express their opposition to Gov. Martin O’Malley as he and other state officials participated in a drug roundtable discussion at the County Administration Building.

Eight held signs near the corner of Chesapeake Boulevard, and another stood near the entrance to the administration building. Most were members of the group Campaign for Liberty.

George Harris, a Tea Party member from North East, came straight from work on Friday afternoon with his sign, which read “O’Malley = rain tax, flush tax, higher gas tax, higher tags and tolls.”

“I am pretty sure he saw me and my sign when he pulled in.” Harris said. “My sign says my exact feelings. I think he has done a terrible disservice to the citizens of Maryland. He needs to step down.”

Bob Willick was among the protesters and also brought his son, Jonathan with him. Jonathan held a sign that read, “Honk if you are fed up with O’Malley.”

“We have had a lot of people honking,” Willick said. “We have a few people out here with us already, just wish we would have more people to stand out here with us.”

Local law enforcement agencies didn’t know what to expect on the numbers of protesters. Elkton Police brought in 10 officers along with 10 from the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office and 10 state troopers from the North East Barrack to make sure all went well.

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Thanks to all of the citizens who turned out for a peaceful protest!

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