Cecil County Administration Building

The Cecil County Administration Building houses a number of offices and now boasts three new windows for Land Use and Development Services.

Elkton — The Cecil County Administration building will fully reopen to the public on Wednesday, July 16. No longer will special pandemic protocols for visiting be enforced.

Though the last year, pandemic-necessary rules were put in place regarding public visits to the building. Now, however, no appointments will be necessary to visit the building, though scheduling appointments with the appropriate departments is still encouraged in order to provide efficient service.

The building, which was constructed from 2006-2007, is opening in large part due to the continued decrease in Cecil County’s Covid-19 positivity rate.

Now when the public enters the administration building, they will see the addition of three service windows for Land Use and Development Services (LUDS). LUDS will now be easily accessible on the first floor of the building along with the Department of Finance.

“The two most frequently used County services, Finance and LUDS, will now have customer access points in a convenient location adjacent to the Administration Building’s lobby,” a press release Tuesday stated. “Additionally, Finance has a new collections window specifically for permit fees. This will allow constituents to apply for a permit and pay the permit processing fee in the same location. Previously, the Finance collections windows and LUDS were on separate floors.”

Cecil County Public Information Officer Kevin Alkinburg said employee safety, customer safety and customer convenience were the main considerations for the installation of these windows.

The upgrades, which will greet Cecil County residents and customers when they enter the building, cost approximately $30,000.

That money, according to Alkinburg, was administered to the county through the CARES Act stimulus package passed last year.

“The funding for these constituent upgrades were provided through the federal CARES Act with no costs to the county,” the press release stated.

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