North East town hall

North East Town Hall

NORTH EAST — North East Town Administrator Melissa Cook-MacKenzie told the mayor and commissioners Wednesday night that a recent petition calling for the resignation of Mayor Robert McKnight was invalid under the laws of the town.

During Wednesday’s night’s meeting, Cook-MacKenzie said town Director of Finance and Administration Kendrick Natale obtained a petition from the town’s drop box July 9. On July 8, a protest, organized by Cecil Solidarity, marched through the town of North East calling for McKnight to resign. During the protest, members of the group affixed a copy of a petition they had circulated at town hall and also placed a copy of the petition in the town’s drop box.

Cook-MacKenzie said after receiving the petition she reviewed the town’s code and charter as well as relevant provisions of Maryland’s election laws. She said she also consulted with Cecil County Election Board attorney Dennis Clower. Cook-MacKenzie said based upon her research and consultation with counsel sit was her position that the petition as presented failed to satisfy several legal requirements and therefore should be rendered invalid.

She added that the purported purpose of the petition was not a use authorized by the law of the town.

During the meeting town commissioners unanimously approved a requisition with Hentrich Fleet Services for a 2020 Ford Interceptor for the North East Police Department in the amount of $33,463.

Commissioners also approved a requisition for TNT Construction group for the town’s Jackson House project at the North East Community Park in the amount of $150,000.

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