Ewing McDowell

Ewing McDowell

RISING SUN — Rising Sun resident Ewing McDowell announced his candidacy for 2020’s Cecil County Executive race on Monday, representing the only confirmed challenger to sitting County Executive Dr. Alan McCarthy.

Cecil County Board of Elections officials confirmed that McDowell, a Republican, has officially filed his candidacy with their office within the past week. McCarthy filed for re-election in March.

McDowell is challenging McCarthy from a similarly conservative point-of-view, saying in a statement that he is running “to be a conservative champion” for the taxpayers of the county.

A former Republican candidate for a state delegate seat, McDowell is no stranger to politics.

“We have to reinvent Cecil County government to meet an ever changing world. We need a county executive who will fight for taxpayers, stand up for what is right and make us proud again,” McDowell said in a prepared statement.

McDowell said several people approached him about a potential run for the county’s highest office.

“This campaign is all about bringing real, conservative reform and change to our county government,” he said. “We need a simple, streamlined approach that focuses on key priorities and listens to the people it represents.”

McDowell, a lifelong Cecil County resident who lives in Rising Sun, is a farmer and a small business owner. According to a candidate statement, McDowell began a dairy herd on his family’s farm in 1979. Thirty years later, Ewing made the decision to forego dairy farming but continue his agricultural pursuits. In 2003, he began an agricultural import/export business.

The candidate said he recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with his wife, Debbie.

“I know that with family and taxpayer-friendly, creative solutions we can make our county the top destination in our region for working families, job creators and retirees,” he said. “I look forward to campaigning in every part of our county and ask for voters’ support.”

At this time, no other candidates have filed for the position.

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