NORTH EAST — A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 9, to honor the life and service of the Rev. Wayne Trout, pastor of Truth and Life Center located at 1924 W. Pulaski Highway.

Trout was 86 when he passed away April 26. While he served at the North East church, he was also known worldwide in various ministerial circles.

“We could not have the funeral here,” said Darlene Carter, spokeswoman for Truth and Life Center. “People came from all over the world.”

To accommodate the funeral crowd, Trout’s funeral was held at his son’s church in Dover, Del., which has seating for 1,000. Carter said people flew in from Canada, Jamaica and other countries, filling the church to overflow seating.

However, the county congregation wanted to also honor the man they call “a true servant” and so the service Sunday invites the public to attend.

If you have ever eaten at Truth and Life Center, there is a good chance the food was prepared by Trout. He was an accomplished cook and baker, known especially for his goulash and pies with the crust rolled out and set in place by his hands.

“If Brother Trout was in the kitchen, everyone wanted to be around him,” said Judi Hopper, also a member of the congregation. “I said he should have owned a restaurant.”

Instead he plied his skills in the church kitchen, cooking hot meals for the congregation and the community at large. Anytime there was something going on at church, Trout made sure the workers were fed.

“He loved people and loved his congregation,” Hopper said.

But Trout was a man of so many talents, the ladies said, and each will be highlighted in the service. He took the lead in the actual construction of the church as well as additions that came after the initial building was dedicated in 1971.

He was also a songwriter, composing hundreds of Southern-style gospel worship songs.

“We will be performing a medley of songs he wrote,” Carter said.

There will also be memories of his wit and wisdom.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest until your good is better than your best,” Carter said Trout was fond of saying.

The Rev. Janet Trout, his wife of 60 years, is now pastoring the church.

Anyone planning to attend the memorial service is being asked to call the church at 410-656-4170 to RSVP so there will be adequate refreshments afterward.

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