Port Deposit Candlelight Tour

Victorian singers and tours of historic private homes and public buildings will be the highlight of the day Saturday at Port Deposit’s Candlelight Tour.

PORT DEPOSIT — The Candlelight Tour returns this Saturday, giving the public a rare opportunity to see the inside of more than a dozen historic homes along Main Street.

This is the 30th Candlelight Tour highlighting the history and architecture of Port Deposit.

Wristbands are $20 per person and can be purchased at the Paw Paw Building, located at 98 N. Main St., or at Gwendolyn’s Closet, located at 20 S. Main St.

“There are 20 stops at historic buildings along Main Street,” said JoAnn Bierly, secretary of the Port Deposit Heritage Corporation, the group hosting the tour from 2 to 7 p.m. Saturday.

Of those 20 stops, 14 are private homes, including one that has never before been part of the Candlelight Tour: 170 N. Main St.

“It had always been derelict,” Bierly said.

However, it was purchased 20 years ago and the heritage corporation tried to get the owner to improve the home, which was built the same time as Touchstone House at 46-48 S. Main St, in the mid 1800s.

“We forced them to do something or move on, so they did something,” Bierly recalled.

Now the home is owned by Wayne Tome Jr., son of Mayor Wayne Tome, and it will be part of the tour.

“It had never been on the tour. It had never been habitable before,” she said.

Bierly said the Candlelight Tour is a unique event in Port Deposit, a town that too many only pass through en route to somewhere else.

“People zoom through and they never stop and look at the architecture,” she said of the Georgian, Federal and Italianate styles. “There is woodwork, carvings on porches. And you get to go inside these private homes.”

“Each house on the tour has been so lovingly restored,” she said. “We’re grateful that they put their homes on the tour.”

Several municipal buildings are also on the tour including Port Deposit Town Hall, once known as Adams Hall when it was the gymnasium for the Jacob Tome Institute.

Each will be decorated and many will offer snacks. Bierly said that along with the younger Tome, there are several other new homeowners on the tour including the residents of Nesbitt House at 42 S. Main St. and Schaeffer House at 50 S. Main St.

“These are ones we are so familiar with and haven’t been a part in a long time,” she said.

Along with the tour Saturday, there will be roving Victorian singers in town.

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