EARLEVILLE — Mount Harmon Plantation will be decking the halls of their historic manor house with boughs of holly — and magnolia, boxwood and other greenery — during their Yuletide Festival from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7, and Sunday, Dec. 8.

Paige Howard, executive director of the Friends of Mount Harmon, said the festival is one of her favorite events that Mount Harmon puts on each year.

“It is really a great time to bring friends and family, enjoy old-fashioned holiday fun, disconnect from all the technology and enjoy our Yuletide manor house tour which features the holiday decorations and greens sale inspired by Colonial Williamsburg,” Howard said.

The Greenfingers Garden Club sources greens from Mount Harmon’s 200-acre nature preserve to create wreaths and other decorations inspired by colonial Williamsburg, Va., according to Howard.

Howard said Mount Harmon’s Yuletide Festival will offer similar decorations without attendees having to travel as far as the Virginian historic district.

“It’s really a chance to see a Williamsburg-like Christmas event right here in Cecil County without the 5-hour car ride,” she said.

According to Howard, the members of the Greenfingers Garden Club spend hours on each decoration, using greens found directly on Mount Harmon’s campus, such as holly, boxwood and magnolia. Then, they had accent items that are reminiscent of the Chesapeake region, such as oyster shells, berries and fruit.

The fact that the greens come directly from Mount Harmon makes the decorations that much more special, Howard said.

“Not only are they handmade but they’re made using Mount Harmon’s beautiful greens from the historic site,” she said. “It’s like taking home a little piece of Mount Harmon.”

The price of items range from about $15 for bundled greens, about $40 for wreaths, and about $60 for some of the more elaborate centerpieces, according to Howard.

Whether people take home a boxwood wreath for their front door, a centerpiece for their Christmas dinner table, a present for a loved one from Mount Harmon’s holiday gift shop or a craft that they and their little one made themselves at the festival’s holiday craft-making station, Howard said the festival is the perfect opportunity to get some holiday shopping done.

In addition to manor house tours, the event will feature hearth-baked treats in the colonial kitchen and non-alcoholic Wassail punch, a traditional, colonial holiday beverage that is cider-based and flavored with seasonal spices.

For Howard, the greens at the Yuletide Festival serve as a reminder of the simple joys of getting together with friends and family to share in holiday cheer.

“It’s about being able to connect with something handmade and old-fashioned, away from the modern world and away from the manmade, plastic, glitzy stuff out there that kind of commercializes the holidays,” she said.

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