Latrina L. Carr recently published her book “Sleep, Sleepy: In My Room” through Christian self-publishing agency,

The Waldorf author is now working on trying to promote her mentor program, which she started in 2010 and won the Comcast Cares Award, and hoping she can introduce it to the Charles County public school system.

Carr has three children, the youngest of which is a rising senior at Thomas Stone High School.

The book is available at several distributors, including Barnes & Noble, Apple and Amazon, and e-book distributors such as OverDrive, Bibliotheca and Baker & Taylor.

How long have you been writing, and how did you get started?

I have not been writing long at all. Writing is not really in my wheelhouse. My daughter is the writer in the family, but during this pandemic my mind has been focused on the students and how will they be able to move forward with trouble all around them.

What inspires you to write?

I believe that God inspired me to write because it was not on my bucket list. It came to me in a dream, and it could have only been God.

Do you consider writing to be a career?

Writing is not a career for me, but if what I’m writing helps even one person, it would make me happy.

What kind of writing process do you use?

This may be unorthodox a bit and some may say I’m preaching religion, but I’m not. When I say my prayers, words just start flowing and I hurry up and try to write everything down before I forget.

Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

I am not influenced by any particular writer. I am more influenced by people I see doing good works or deeds that helps influence children to reach their highest potential. I try my best to help students out as much as I can. The person that made me feel I could actually write a book and become a first time author was my husband, Willie H. Carr III.

The other influencers that made their marks on me were former J.P. Ryon Elementary School Principal Virginia McGraw and teacher Michelle Colbert and my sister and teacher Wanda Knotts. Everyone I talked to loved Virginia as a boss and her students loved her even more. As for Michelle, I have never seen a person who could get through to 3-year-old students the same way she gets through to 18-year-olds. She has the respect of everyone that comes into contact with her.

Ever since my sister came here from New Orleans after surviving Hurricane Katrina, she has been teaching her students about self-respect, community service and trying to exceed at a higher level. She pushes her students to strive for excellence and to push through even when you may think things may seem bleak.

What are you working on now?

I do have another book partially written, but I have to promote this one and I pray it will be successful. I count it as a blessing because I never thought I really could be an author.

What do you want readers to know about you?

I am a disabled veteran who served my country for 9½ years in the U. S. Navy. When I wasn’t on duty, I mentored students in various school systems because I know they needed help and I wanted to be there for them. I always tried my best to keep my own children on the path to success and all I could do is lay down that foundation and pray they do the rest. I am very proud of my children.

I want readers to know that I care about their children just as much as I care about my own. I always want them to succeed and strive for improvement. It doesn’t take much to show your child or any child that you care. Start by asking how their day is or if they need help with anything? I promise, you will get as much reward out of helping them as they feel helped.

Please include an excerpt from the book that you feel is compelling for local readers:

“In my room, I feel safe and warm. In my room, no one can do me harm.”

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