Cecil County Arts Council: How did you get into art?

Joseph Zurolo: I’m a self-taught artist who began to experiment with art as an escape and a way to relieve stress. It has developed into a great passion of mine. It brings me great joy to create works of art and to see others’ reaction and interpretation to my paintings.

CCAC: What type of art do you create?

JZ: My style would be considered Abstract Expressionism. My emphasis is to be spontaneous, to be intuitive and tap into the subconscious creation. I am spontaneous and bold with my actions and choices. This method helps me to create colorful expressive paintings. I create paintings that reflect the internal world as opposed to the external one.

CCAC: Who are your artistic inspirations?

JZ: I am inspired by some of the master expressionists: Gerhard Richter, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and of course Jackson Pollock. These artists realized the journey of making the art is as important as the art itself. They embodied a free spirit of creativity.

CCAC: What do you enjoy about your work?

JZ: I enjoy the freedom that is felt during the process of creating. I like to find new ways of producing my art by utilizing unconventional tools and methods. I also will throw out the principles of color theory and create based on feel. One of my favorite moments I encounter with my art is when others view my work. I truly love to see the response and hear others’ interpretation of my work. I believe my paintings are not finished until someone observes and interprets the piece. My paintings get refinished every time someone views it.

CCAC: What is your favorite piece?

JZ: I really don’t have a favorite. They all represent different moments in time for me. All are expressions of different moments: moments of joy, sorrow, happiness, anger, excitement etc. All are unique and special to me in their own way. Each is an internal representation of a moment and time in my life expressing the thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires felt at the moment the piece was being created.

CCAC: What would you like to do next?

JZ: I just want to keep creating and growing as an artist. Hopefully I continue to get opportunities to present my paintings to others. I hope to keep creating art that elicits some type of response from people.

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