The following is a Q&A with Dave Hastings Ed.D, Program Coordinator for Fine Arts Cecil County Public Schools.

Cecil County Arts Council: When did you first realize you had an interest in music?

Dave Hastings: I first realized I had an interest in music at 8 years old. I began by taking piano lessons. Shortly after, I started guitar lessons.

CCAC: What instruments can you play and, whether or not you can play — what are your favorites?

DH: Since I was a music education major, I learned to play almost all instruments up to an intermediate level. However, my main instruments are guitar, bass and piano. Guitar has always been my favorite.

CCAC: What is your favorite genre and/or musicians?

DH: I cannot say I have a favorite genre...however, rock and jazz have been my biggest influences.

CCAC: Where do you want your music to take you — new bands, fame, fortune?

DH: I currently have a band, Tidewater Adams. We play much contemporary and alternative rock. We like to play locally, about 2 times a month.

CCAC: Tell us about your position with CCPS.

DH: I am the Program Coordinator of Fine Arts for Cecil County Public Schools. I manage all program in the public school system dealing with art, music, theater, and dance.

CCAC: Tell us about your upcoming show with RSHS & NEHS at CCAC on Feb. 7.

DH: This upcoming show, sponsored by the Cecil County Arts Council, gives another opportunity for kids to show their work. In this case, they have the opportunity to sell this work. Students are getting a true, firsthand experience in how to prepare their work for a showing/sale, understand how to price it, and advocate for their work. It is a new experience for all of them.

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