FAIR HILL — It looks like a typical Chevrolet Camaro parked amongst a sea of farm equipment behind the main area at the Cecil County Fair.

FAIR HILL — Some kids fantasize about running away and joining the circus, but for 6-year-old Victoria Murica, the circus is the family business and this year, she’s stepped into the spotlight.

FAIR HILL — Heather Mullins was named Miss Cecil County Farm Bureau, while Tara Todd was named Junior Miss Cecil County Farm Bureau at the county fair on Sunday afternoon.

FAIR HILL — Victoria Circus returns to the Cecil County Fair this year with the same family of performers but with new, younger additions.

FAIR HILL — Jake Greenway drove his hand-painted, red-and-white SUV through the mud to stop next to Jamie Evans’ battered car, so he could reach out and shake his hand.

FAIR HILL — The Cecil County Fair is steeped in tradition, from the 4-H competitions to the carnival rides, but this year, three new exhibits came to the fairgrounds to bring out a quirky side of the summertime festival.