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Rising Sun officials address COVID-19 in town

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Rising Sun mayor assures residents

In an Facebook Live address Monday, Rising Sun Mayor Travis Marion gave residents details on the first COVID-19 victim in Cecil County. The 21-year-old Rising Sun woman is in isolation and recovering.

RISING SUN — Mayor Travis Marion made another Facebook Live presentation to encourage residents to continue to shelter in place, but also be good neighbors as Rising Sun acknowledges that the first COVID-19 victim in Cecil County is a 21-year-old town resident.

“Coronavirus is in our community,” Marion said in his Monday morning address.

“Our emergency management team has spoken to the health care professionals dealing with this case, as well as the Maryland State Health Department. Although the young lady has cleared many of the CDC guidelines associated with the definition of recovery and is now asymptomatic, she is also potentially dealing with some respiratory issues likely caused by the virus,” Marion read from a prepared statement.

“What is also troubling is that she exhibited some symptoms such as a runny nose and congestion that are not typically present with the coronavirus. She is resting at home in isolation under a doctor’s care and is being monitored daily.”

The state health department is studying the young lady’s travel patterns but had determined she did not travel out of the area so it did not come from somewhere else.

“It was here already. It was among us already and we must act accordingly,” Marion said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, COVID-19 is typically exhibited by a fever, cough and shortness of breath.

As of press time, Cecil County has three confirmed cases among the 350 confirmed cases in Maryland. To date, four of the victims elsewhere in the state have died. All were 40 or older with underlying health conditions.

“While it is true that an overwhelming majority will recover from this virus, it is also true that some may not,” Marion said.

“Early information previously suggested that the virus would only affect the elderly and that younger people would have no issues. Given the age of the young lady affected, we can no longer assume that the young are not at risk. We must also remind ourselves that the greatest risk may not be to ourselves but to the people that we love.”

The town mayor said there are still too many people not heeding the recommendation to shelter in place and avoid groups of people.

“We can beat this virus if we do one simple thing: take it seriously,” he said. That includes frequent hand washing, practicing social distancing, avoid gathering in groups of 10 or more, and only leaving your home to go to work or pick up essentials at a store.

“If you must go out to shop or pick up supplies, try your best to only touch the things that you are buying,” he said.

Like hand washing, surface cleaning of areas frequented by your and your family should also be done multiple times per day.

“Please remember the coronavirus can survive on many surfaces for hours after contact. Surfaces that are cleaned and or sanitized are only free of the coronavirus that was on the surface prior to cleaning. Any new contact of virus will potentially recontaminate the previously cleaned surface,” he said.

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