Cecil County nursing homes struck by COVID-19

A resident of Calvert Manor Health Care, near Rising Sun, has died from COVID-19 according to the Cecil County Health Department. The nursing facility reported two COVID-19 cases late last week but it has now spread to at least 16 residents and staff, sources say.

ELKTON — In a matter of two days, County Executive Alan McCarthy said, the Calvert Manor Healthcare Center in Rising Sun saw a double-digit increase in confirmed cases of Coronavirus. 

"What started out as two isolated cases two days ago has now infected a number of other residents and the staff at this facility," McCarthy said in a press conference at 3.p.m. on Saturday.

Sources tell the Cecil Whig that the number may be as high as 16 at last count. 

The severity of these cases is unknown, and there have been no reports of residents being hospitalized. 

Health Officer Lauren Levy of the Cecil County Health Department said that more testing kits are on the way, and there are still those waiting on lab results.  

After consultation with the Maryland Department of Health, the county has requested a Maryland National Guard "strike team" for additional assistance at the facility to control the outbreak. 

The team is expected to arrive later Saturday afternoon. 

The department, Cecil County Emergency Services and ChristianaCare are working to ensure that Calvert Manor has the personal protective equipment needed and adequate training on this gear. 

Gov. Larry Hogan, on April 7, created these strike teams as a way to provide immediate assistance to nursing homes experiencing these types of outbreaks around the state. 

There are currently 74 positive cases and one COVID-19-related death in the county, according Health Officer Lauren Levy of the Cecil County Health Department.

Levy and McCarthy pleaded with county residents to stay inside and adhere the governor's orders. 

"I am deeply saddened that this disease has spread to a location which houses some of the most vulnerable citizens," McCarthy said.

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