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Union troops fire upon Confederate troops at the Battle of Rising Sun on Saturday.

Union troops preparing to fire upon Confederate soldiers on Saturday.

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Baby forgotten in child safety seat survives crash in Calvert

Cecil County Sheriff’s Office

Cecil County Sheriff’s Office

Cecil County Sheriff’s Office

CALVERT — A criminal investigation is continuing after parents unknowingly left their 5-month-old girl in a child safety seat atop the trunk of their vehicle and drove away — causing the seated baby to topple onto the highway where, seconds later, a tractor-trailer struck the occupied child safety seat, according to the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office.

The baby was not injured — an outcome that CCSO officials are describing as “unbelievable.”

“It was not a direct-impact hit. It was more of a glancing type of strike,” explained CCSO Sgt. Michael Zack, an agency spokesman, before commenting, “It was so fortunate, so lucky.”

The parents turned around and headed back to their residence in the 300 block of Chrome Road (Route 272) in Calvert — where their trip had started several moments earlier — after realizing that their baby girl was not inside the vehicle with them, police said. By that time, police added, CCSO deputies and paramedics were en route after two eyewitnesses called 911.

After an on-scene investigation, CCSO deputies arrested the baby girl’s father — Roger Edsel Gomez Sexton, 28 — and charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol, according to police. A chemical test later performed on Sexton revealed that the suspect had a breath-alcohol concentration of .08, which is the threshold for driving while impaired in Maryland, police reported.

When asked if investigators also would be filing reckless endangerment, child neglect and similar criminal charges against Sexton and, or, the mother of the baby girl, Zack replied, “This incident is still currently being investigated by the Criminal Investigations Division of the Sheriff’s Office.”

An ambulance crew transported the infant from the scene to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Del., where doctors examined the baby girl and found no injuries before giving her a clean bill of health, police reported.

Cecil County Child Protective Services, which also is involved in the investigation, placed the baby girl into the custody of a relative of her parents, according to Zack.

CCSO deputies started their investigation at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Friday, after receiving an initial report regarding a “baby who had been found alongside” Chrome Road, according to police.

“Two citizens were traveling southbound on Chrome Road when they observed a child car seat and a tractor trailer strike the same. Upon closer inspection, they observed a small child strapped into the car seat,” Zack outlined.

The eyewitnesses removed the baby from the child safety seat and carried her to a nearby residence, where they notified authorities, police reported.

As for the tractor-trailer operator, he or she did not stop after striking the child safety seat that held the baby, according to Zack, who then remarked, “We don’t know if the driver even knew he hit it.” The glancing blow reportedly caused the child safety to spin on the pavement.

The child safety seat holding the baby girl slid off her parents’ vehicle and dropped to the highway a short distance from the family’s residence, police noted.

“They were getting ready to leave. The girl was in the child safety seat. When they went back inside the house to get something, they put the child safety seat with the girl strapped into it on the trunk of their vehicle. And then they forgot about it when they drove off,” Zack outlined.