VFW District 10 held their yearly essay awards event for students that participated in the “Voice of Democracy” and “Patriot’s Pen” contest.

We also had the “Teacher of the Year” contest. The winners were Gina Fritz and Maud Birney.

The event was held at the Chesapeake City Memorial VFW Post 7687 in Chesapeake City.

The Voice of Democracy is an essay open to grades 9-12.

Students compete by writing and recording an audio essay on an annual patriotic theme. This year’s theme was “What Makes America Great.”

A student’s essay is selected at the Post level, moves on to the District level, goes to State level and then to National level.

Top scholarship award is $30,000, an all expense paid trip to tour the city of Washington, D.C.

The Patriot’s Pen essay is open to students grades 6-8. Students compete by writing an essay. This year’s essay theme was “What Makes America Great.”

The winner is selected same as the VOD essay with top prize $5,000 and a trip to tour Washington, D.C.

The essay is open to students in public, private and parochial schools in the United States and to home schooled students.

The Teacher of the Year is open to grade K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 teachers. The nominees are sent by fellow teachers, supervisors and other interested individuals.

They are then judged at the Post level, District level, State level and National level.

The District 10 winners were:

Chesapeake City Memorial VFW Post 7687

  • VOD—Aaron Wright
  • PP—Kendyl Troy

Elkton Memorial VFW Post 8175

  • VOD—Julia Walz
  • PP—Sarah Voight

North East Memorial VFW Post 6027

  • PP—Marissa Cirillo

Jerry Skrivanek VFW Post 8185

PP—William Peace

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