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Providence Christian Academy Honor Roll

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Quarter 3 Honor Roll

Principal’s Honor Roll — All A’s

Honor Roll — All A’s and B’s

Grades 1-5

Principal’s Honor Roll

Lincoln Adkins, Jordan Fitch, Chase Riess, Shaun Peterson, Oliver Starkey, Brooklyn Pope, Ethan Ameen, Maks Grabowski, Emme Adkins, Owen Peterson, Jordan Rhoda, Shaun Jackson, Nathan Straub, Lily Adams,

Honor Roll

Chelsea Ndungu, Alyssa Bennethum, Keira Pope, Liam Buchanan, Landon Hall, Elizabeth Poffenberger, Peyton, Peyt Riess, Caleb Budhoo

Grades 6-8

Principal’s Honor Roll

Abigail Farinacci, Kylie Ameen, Rachel Glessner, Joshua Craine, Rachel VanLeer, Josiah Farinacci, Emma Wolfe, Brianna Glessner

Honor Roll

Josiah Tucker, Ashlynn Gregory, Kylie Fitch, Clayton Starkey, Edye Page, Aiden Rhoda, Allie Krapf, Bryce Unruh, Ethan Lewis, Josh Duzan

Grades 9-12

Principal’s Honor Roll

Amy Rash, Mackenzie Unruh, Elle Adkins, Sabrina Van Voorhis, Matthew Straub, Monica Aponte, Crystal Lenk, Kylie Pereira

Honor Roll

Summer Horton, Felix Cebula, Erica Aponte, Jerome Cebula, Jason Baptiste, Brooke Buckalew

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