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ROSEMONT, Ill. — On the weekend of Saturday, May 4, Tome School joined 151 of the top quiz bowl teams from small public high schools at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for the 2019 Small School National Championship Tournament to determine who was the best.

Quiz bowl is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity for teams of four students. Quiz bowl teams use buzzers to answer questions about science, math, history, literature, mythology, geography, social science, current events, sports, and popular culture. The matches feature a blend of individual competition and team collaboration, since no individual player is likely to be an expert in all subject areas. Participation in quiz bowl both reinforces lessons from the classroom and encourages players to develop new intellectual interests.

The team, in the Open Division, was captained by Ethan Bober, who was joined by Conner Lewandowski, Michael Maffei, Paul Panazzo, Paul Panozzo, Daniel Raphael, and Aidan Wiggins. The team was coached by Jenn Bober.

Tome was one of two Maryland teams competing at the national championship.

Tome finished the preliminary rounds with a 4-6 record.

There were some tense moments. Tome suffered a heartbreakingly narrow loss to TAG Magnet from Dallas, Texas, 230-220 during the first round.

Tome was on the brink of elimination when they defeated Westbrook Christian from Rainbow City, Ala., in the ninth round to stay alive. Unfortunately, they lost to Elgin Academy A from Illinois, ending their shot at the playoffs.

Ethan Bober was honored as an all-star for correctly answering 73 tossup questions —12 of them for “power,” that is, so early as to earn extra points — in the preliminary rounds.

The Traditional Public Schools Division champion was the A team from Glasgow High School in Glasgow, Ky. The Open Division champion was the A team from The Miami Valley School in Dayton, Ohio.

The 2019 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division)’s field featured 72 teams from 25 states, the District of Columbia, and Singapore.

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